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PoE Shops Guide: Top 3 Shops to Get PoE Currency

Nancy GNovember 25th, 2022

Today I want to share the top three PoE shops to get currency items.

PoE Delirium Guide to The November Event

Pen SlingersNovember 23rd, 2022

This article will guide you quickly about the "Delirium Everywhere" event. So, stay tuned to learn about farming currency, strategy, and much more.

PoE Builds: Delirium Event Recommended Builds

Pen SlingersNovember 21st, 2022

This article will guide you in selecting the right build that matches your playing style to earn easy currency.

PoE 3.20: The Forbidden Sanctum Balance Guide - Part 1

Nancy GNovember 18th, 2022

Dear exiles, exciting news! The fourth PoE expansion of this year will be revealed in just two weeks! Today I will foreshow parts of the balance guide to you.This post shows Jewels and Ailment Mitigation and Archnemesis.

Recommended PoE Builds for Endless Delve Event

Pen SlingersNovember 16th, 2022

This article will help you design your strongest build for the "Endless Delve" event. So stay tuned to learn about “Endless Delve” best builds for smooth farming currency and fast delving.

All You Need to Know About Endless Delve Event in November – Path of Exile

Pen SlingersNovember 14th, 2022

Are you ready this 14th of November when Endless Delve begins, and you will dive into the nightmare of Azurite Mine? Let's learn more about this fantastic nightmare.

PoE Builds 3.19: Top 5 Builds for the Endgame - Lake of Kalandra

Nancy GNovember 11th, 2022

Dear exiles, today I want to share 5 builds that you should play before the Lake of Kalandra league ends.

Path of Exile November Events – What You Need to Know

Pen SlingersNovember 09th, 2022

There are 3 events in total running different weeks in November. Let’s begin this article by discussing what is happening in these events and what currency rewards you can get for playing them.

Mayhem Event Path of Exile – November Event Thoughts and Impressions

Pen SlingersNovember 07th, 2022

This article will discuss facts and details you can expect in Path of Exile's Mayhem Event and earn maximum currency for the rewards.

Path of Exile Guide: All You Need to Know about Heists

Pen SlingersNovember 04th, 2022

PoE heist is a little different from other RPGs. This guide will give you in-depth details about PoE heist mechanics.

PoE Builds 3.19: Top 5 Starter Builds For the Mayhem

Nancy GNovember 03rd, 2022

GGG announced the Mayhem event for November 4th. For you to be prepared, make sure to choose builds that can become powerful fast and with little investment. Here is a list with 5 awesome builds for end league events. I wish you all the luck!

Path of Exile: 13 Tips to Build the Best Scion Class

Pen SlingersNovember 01st, 2022

Before passing judgment on the Scion class, read the best tips to make this class a powerhouse and then decide.

Path of Exile Guide: Rundown on Ascendancies in PoE

Pen SlingersOctober 28th, 2022

Path of Exile is already quite a complex game with its versatility of options in the Passive Tree nodes and the staggering amount of DD and support gems.

PoE Builds 3.19: Frostblink Elementalist Build

Nancy GOctober 27th, 2022

Today we’re looking at Hotstepper, and Elementalist that uses Frostblink and damage conversion to ignite enemies. It makes use of a reworked Bronn’s Lithe to scale gem levels to new heights, burninating everything it collides with.

Path of Exile: 15 Best Add-ons Guide

Pen SlingersOctober 25th, 2022

This article shares 15 tools and websites to make your life in PoE easier.

PoE Build Guide: 10 Tips for Making A Build

Pen SlingersOctober 21st, 2022

This article will discuss ten critical things you need to take care of if you want to go down that road and add flavor to them.

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