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PoE Builds 3.24: Poison Tornado Pathfinder Build

By Nancy G2024-05-17

The Poison Tornado Pathfinder build is a popular choice in Path of Exile 3.24 for players who enjoy a fast-paced, highly mobile playstyle. This build focuses on inflicting poison damage through a combination of tornadoes and other skills, taking advantage of the Pathfinder's strong synergy with flask usage and poison mechanics.


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Key Mechanics

1. Poison Damage: Poison is a damage-over-time effect that scales with the chaos and physical damage of your attacks and spells. The Poison Tornado Pathfinder maximizes poison damage through skills and supports that increase chaos and physical damage.

2. Flask Synergy: The Pathfinder ascendancy provides significant bonuses to flask effectiveness and uptime. This build utilizes these bonuses to maintain high damage output and survivability.

3. Tornado Skill: The Tornado skill creates a tornado that moves randomly, dealing physical and chaos damage to enemies in its path. When combined with poison, the tornado becomes a deadly tool for spreading damage over time.


Ascendancy Choices

1. Nature's Reprisal: Increases chaos damage and AoE, and enemies poisoned by you take increased chaos damage.

2. Master Toxicist: Chance to poison on hit, increased poison duration, and explosion on death of poisoned enemies.

3. Nature's Boon: Flask charge generation and reduced elemental damage taken.

4. Master Alchemist: Immunity to elemental ailments while using a flask and increased elemental damage.


Skill Gems and Links

1. Main Skill Setup:

Tornado (6-link): Tornado + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Unbound Ailments + Deadly Ailments + Void Manipulation + Vicious Projectiles.

Tornado acts as the primary damage dealer, spreading poison through its hits.

2. Secondary Skills:

Herald of Agony: Provides additional poison damage and summons an Agony Crawler minion that benefits from your poison damage scaling.

Vaal Blade Vortex: Useful for dealing with tough bosses or large packs of enemies, providing a burst of poison damage.

3. Auras and Buffs:

Malevolence: Increases damage over time and skill effect duration.

Determination: Boosts armor for better survivability.

Despair: A curse that lowers enemies' chaos resistance, amplifying your poison damage.


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Gear and Itemization

1. Weapon: Dual-wielding daggers with increased chaos damage, poison chance, and attack speed is ideal. Look for modifiers that boost physical and chaos damage.

2. Armor: Aim for high evasion and energy shield gear to maximize survivability. The Carcass Jack unique chest can be beneficial due to its increased AoE and damage.

3. Flasks:

Divine Life Flask: Provides instant recovery.

Diamond Flask: Increases critical strike chance.

Jade Flask: Boosts evasion rating.

Basalt Flask: Reduces physical damage taken.

Quartz Flask: Grants phasing and dodge chance.


Passive Skill Tree

Focus on nodes that provide:

Increased chaos and poison damage.

Additional life and energy shield for survivability.

Flask effect and duration.

Evasion and dodge chance.


Playstyle and Tips

1. Mobility: Utilize skills like Dash or Flame Dash for quick repositioning and dodging attacks.

2. Flask Management: Keep your flasks active as much as possible to benefit from the Pathfinder's bonuses.

3. Positioning: Stay at a medium distance from enemies to ensure the tornadoes hit as many targets as possible while maintaining safety.

4. Boss Fights: Use Vaal Blade Vortex and Herald of Agony to deal with high-health bosses. Apply Despair curse to maximize damage output.


Mapping and Endgame

1. Map Mods: Avoid maps with mods that reflect physical or chaos damage, as these can be deadly for this build.

2. Delve: The build excels in Delve due to its high mobility and sustained damage output.

3. Bosses: Focus on poison application and flask uptime during boss encounters to maximize damage over time.



The Poison Tornado Pathfinder build offers a dynamic and powerful playstyle for Path of Exile 3.24. By leveraging poison damage and flask synergy, this build can handle all types of content, from mapping to endgame bosses. Focus on optimizing your gear, passive skill tree, and flask management to get the most out of this build. With practice and fine-tuning, the Poison Tornado Pathfinder can become a formidable force in Wraeclast.

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