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PoE 3.24 New Back to Basics Infinite Divination Card Farming Strat

By Nancy G2024-05-15

Dear exiles, MmoGah will share PoE 3.24 new Back to Basics Infinite Divination Card Farming Strat today. In this article, I will cover one of the best and most profitable farming strategies currently in Path of Exile patch 3.24 for making tons of currency in PoE Necropolis League.

This Farming Method has very low initial cost investment and very high returns while you will be dropping tons of high-value Divination Cards like The Apothecary and Seven Years Bad Luck Very Frequently as well as tons of Divine Orbs, Chaos Orbs, and other currency or valuable Scarab Items.


 New Back to Basics strat tree


Farming Strategy Overview

•  Initial Investment: Start with minimal investment by focusing on areas that naturally drop high-value Divination Cards. The Necropolis map is a good choice due to its potential to drop cards like The Apothecary and Seven Years Bad Luck.

•  Maximizing Drops: Utilize the league mechanic to your advantage. Haunted monsters can drop crafting components that can be traded or used for crafting high-value items.

•  Atlas Optimization: Prioritize Atlas passives that enhance the league mechanic, increasing your chances of obtaining unique and high-tier modifier crafts.


Specific Strategies

1. Hexblast Mines Occultist: A league starter build that can efficiently farm Sanctum areas. It's a low-cost setup that can scale well with the currency you earn.

2. Harvest Atlas Strategy: Use crop rotation and horned scarabs of awakening to maximize lifeforce from plants. This strategy can yield a consistent flow of valuable items and currency.

3. Blight Farming: Focus on dropping Blighted maps using blight scarabs and atlas passives. Anointing these maps with oils can significantly increase the rewards.


Tips for Success

•  Efficient Mapping: Run maps quickly and effectively. The faster you complete maps, the more chances you have to drop valuable items.

•  Trading: Keep an eye on the market for the value of Divination Cards and currency items. Trade smartly to maximize your profits.

•  Scalability: Reinvest your earnings into better gear and higher-tier maps to increase the efficiency of your farming strategy.



Remember, the key to success in farming is consistency and smart investment. Start small, scale up, and you'll see your stash overflowing with valuable items in no time! This guide is a culmination of the combined experience from XP Games and myself, and I hope it will help you all. You can also try different builds and methods to acquire more Divination Cards and currency. Happy farming!

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