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The Most Efficient Way to Get 4x3 Engravings on Lost Ark with Auto-Chart

By Anna2022-04-14

Using Auto-Chart efficiently can help us find 4x3 engravings (also 3x3, or 5x3). Today, we will explain how and let's jump right into it.


Chart Explained

You can see this chart, and it will help you find jewelry pieces for a 4x3 setup, 5x3 setup, or 3x3 setup.


Lost Ark Chart Explained


As you can see in the red bar, it shows plus 15 four times. Plus 15 means that you have one max engraving because you have 15 blue diamonds. So in the red part, it shows a max engraving. At the top, you have surge, grudge, ambush, and cursed doll. At the very top left, you have the class name (Blade). Then on the side, it shows everything you need to get 4x3; all your jewelry pieces, both engravings, and stone. All you have to do is click on a number and change it. I put 9 right here; then the number is 18 down here now.


Lost Ark Number Change


If you want to go for a 5x3 setup later in the future, all you have to do is type the engraving here (Adrenaline) and then start working your way up.


Lost Ark Adrenaline


Here is the link to the form

( All you have to do is click on the File, make a copy, and click OK.


Lost Ark Make a Copy


I'm going to reset this chart completely. This is how your chart should look right now.


Lost Ark Reset This Chart


Keep in mind that you might have different engraving names and different classes.



9+9 Engraving Books

For a 4x3 Setup, the first thing you should do is get plus 9 plus 9 on your engraving box. But getting plus 12 is too expensive, and it's unnecessary for the 4x3 Setup. However, the plus 12 can be very efficient and useful for the future of 5x3 setups.


What do you want to do for your class? You want to get plus 9 on your class engraving, and then you want to get plus 9 on grudge. Now 99% of people are going to be using grudge. And 1% of people want to get the most expensive engraving on plus 9. Let's use your cursed doll, then get plus 9 on cursed doll.


Now we're going to go back to our charts. Then on our engraving books, you're going to put plus 9 on grudge or whatever you have, and then plus 9 on class engraving. As you can see, we already have plus 9 plus 9 down here on the red bar.


Lost Ark Plus 9 Plus 9




Next up, we will go for a stone. You have three different goals to get for a stone. You can either go for a 6.6, which is the cheapest, or 7.7, 9.7, but 9.7 is impossible.


Now that we know the three different goals, you can get two different types of stones. So you can either go for a super expensive stone, which is grudge and adrenaline, or you can go for a super cheap stone, which is cursed doll and ambush master.


What are the pros and cons of the two of them? If you get a cheap stone and you keep failing, it's no big deal because the stone is super cheap. So if you're feeling pretty unlucky, go for a cheap stone. But if you're feeling lucky, go for an expensive stone, get 6.6 first try, and this will save you so much Lost Ark in-game Gold for your jewelry pieces.


For example, I get 6.6 on grudge and adrenaline; that means I will have grudge maxed out, and I won't need it on my jewelry pieces. So we're going to go back to our chart, and we got a grudge and ambush show on 6. As you can see, we got one engraving max out at plus 15. Now we need 3 more.


Lost Ark Stone



Jewelry - Search Presets (Important)

Now that we finished talking about our stone, we will go to the tricky part, which is the jewelry. So 90% of the time, you want to go for a necklace first. For example, you get both your earrings and your rings. You're going to be very limited about what necklace you can get, which makes the necklace even more expensive. So before I explain what jewelry pieces to get and what's the cheapest way to get them, I will be talking about Search Presets.


Lost Ark Jewelry - Search Presets


I can get many different forms on my necklace. I can go surge ambush master, surge cursed doll, or ambush master and cursed doll. What you want to do is to check all three of those varieties of pieces. You don't know which one is the cheapest, so make sure you always set up Search Presets for all of your pieces. Keep in mind that you don't need to buy all of your pieces in one sitting; you can buy them in a week, a month, or three days. Always keep skimming and see if you can catch a cheap jewelry piece.



Negative Effects on Jewelry

Now I will talk about the negative effects on the jewelry. As you can see, this is pretty cheap because it has plus 3 negative effects.


Lost Ark Cheap Jewelry


How do you manage not to get a negative effect? What you want to do on the chart is right here.


Lost Ark Not Get Negative Effect


Fallen Chaos Necklace has plus 3 on AtK speed reduction. On the chart, you want to search up attack speed -3 or just do attack speed minus.


Lost Ark  Speed -3


Then on the side necklace, you put a 3. Suppose we bought Fallen Chaso Necklace, we put it in our chart, plus 3 surge, plus 3 cursed doll. As you can see, we only need 3 more surge; we get max majority.


Lost Ark Get Max Majority



Combat Stats (Save Lots of Gold)

Next up is a pretty tricky part: combat stats, and this all depends on your class. For example, on my blade, I have maxed out Specialization; all of these pieces right here have the Specialization.


Lost Ark Specialization


Now, what can you do? If you don't have that much Gold of Lost Ark server and you're kind of desperate to get your 4x3 setup, you can get a Crit piece.


Once again, this all depends on your class. For example, on my blade, since I usually stack on Specialization, what I can do is just get a Crit Earring that would save me so much gold. It saves me so much gold because the Specialization is always the most expensive jewelry piece. From most expensive to cheapest, it goes Specialization, Crit, then Swiftness.


Then we will go to Earrings, and I will show you the differences between Specialization and Crit. Let's go for earrings to get 3 on surge and 3 on ambush master. First, we're going to check Specialization. As you can see on Specialization, the cheapest one is 5000 gold.


Lost Ark Cheapest One is 5,000 Gold


For Crit, the cheapest one is 200 gold. If you want to save yourself a good amount of gold, and your class is Specialization main, you can go for one Crit earring.


For example, you're a Mayhem Berserker, and you're going Crit and Swiftness. As a Mayhem Berserkers, Crit is more expensive than Swiftness jewelry pieces. So what you can do there is go for a Swiftness earring or two Swiftness earrings. It depends on how much gold you want to save. If I did go for a Crit earring on my blade, I would lose damage, so just keep that in mind.



Finishing 4×3 Setup

So after talking about combat stats, search presets, and negative effects, let's finish our 4x3 Setup. Personally, I want to save some gold. I'm going to go for an earring that is Crit on surge and ambush master.


Lost Ark Crit on Surge and Ambush Master


We have plus 3 negative effects on move speed. So we're going to go surge 3, ambush master 3, then move speed minus, then we're going to put 3 here.


Lost Ark Surge 3, Ambush Master 3,


Now we finally got surge grudge maxed out. All we need is ambush master and cursed doll. So let's get our final earrings. Remember how I said to check every piece all the time, and check this out.


Lost Ark Check Every Piece


We have a ambush master cursed doll plus 3 with Specialization for 4,000 gold. If we check this correctly, the cheapest one is 5,000 gold.


Lost Ark Cheapest One is 5,000 Gold


Remember always to check every variety piece. This is ambush master 3 and cursed doll 3, with the negative effect of attack power reduction.


Lost Ark Ambush Master 3 and Cursed Doll 3


I'm sure you get the gist of it now. All I'm going to need is just two more 3.



Taking Advantage of Chart

Make sure you always finish your engraving chart before actually buying all jewelry pieces, or at least double-check to make sure everything is correct as a 4x3 on the jewelry chart.


Also, if you are interested in this content, you can check out LuisNoLimit's videos to deepen your understanding because most content of this article comes from him.

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