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  • Lost Ark: Release Date, New Features, Founder's Packs, and Servers
    By Jessie2022-01-28 00:00:00

    The much-anticipated free-play PC game Lost Ark is upon coming, and Smilegates shared some details of its launch, including launch time, new features, Founder's packs and servers.


    Lost Ark  Release Date - Here's When It's Coming to


    Launch Timing

    The time arrangement of Lost Ark pre-download, head start, and launch has been announced.

    Pre-download: players will be able to download the game on February 7 at 9 am Pacific, regardless of whether they have purchased the Founder's Pack.

    Head Start: players who have bought a founder's pack can access the game on February 8 at 9 am Pacific. That means they can access the game three days in advance.

    Launch: on February 11 at 9 am Pacific, all servers will be open for launch, and all players can play it for free.


    New Features
    Some new features will be available at launch, including three new regions, T3 content, and other changes.

    Yorn Region: players can explore the Dwarven lands of Yorn, including new quests, bosses, Chaos dungeons, and more.

    Feiton Region: it's a hazardous and hostile place with a known half-human half-demon named Delains inhabiting the plain. There will be new quests, bosses, Chaos dungeons, and more.

    Punika Region: it's a tropical and magical region. There are many new quests and bosses. Except these, the release of Punika also means that more late-game content will be available at launch, including limited T3 content.
    Tier 3 Content: includes some T3 gear, several core T3 dungeons, and a raised level cap to 60.

    Steam Achievements: there will be 173 steam achievements.

    Character Voice Selection: players can select a voice for their character- each class has 3-4 options to choose.

    Founder's Packs
    There are four kinds of Founder's Packs for players to choose from: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which can be purchased through Steam or Amazon. Steam customers will have their Founder's Pack benefits auto-entitled for them, and Amazon customers will automatically be sent a key. All of Founder's Packs can get players head start access to the game. And they also offer a lot of perks and benefits. Players can choose the right one according to their needs.


    Founder's Packs


    Server List
    The following servers have been announced for players to choose.


    EU Central











    US East









    US West









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