• Lost Ark Pheon – What It Does, How to Get and What to Do with It Now
    By Penny2022-03-25 00:00:00

    Lost Ark is a game bloated with lots of currencies. Some can be obtained by completing in-game activities, like gold Lost Ark or Crystals. Some are used to purchase items from the Auction House, like Pheons, which many players may find confusing. So in this guide, we will explain to you what Pheon is and how to get it and what to do with it.

    Lost Ark Pheon – What It Does, How to Get and What to Do with It Now_

    What Is Pheon

    As one of the currencies in the game, Pheon is used to buy rare items like gear and consumables from the Auction House. It is a legendary item that is bound to your roster.

    By “Bound to Roster”, it means this currency is available among all the characters on the server where you first get the Pheons. But your characters on other servers cannot use this. It is not tied to your account but to your server.

    Pheons are designed to prevent players who are able to buy out certain items and flip the market by “buy low and sell high”. It is essentially a trading tax players paid for buying rear items on the AH, which can more or less limit gold sellers and make it harder to buy all the way straight to the top.

    How to Get

    1. One way is to buy them with Blue Crystals, which can be obtained in the following ways.

    Royal Crystals

    Exchange Royal Crystals for Blue Crystals. Royal Crystals is also one of the currency members in Lost Ark, and to make it available, players can only use real money to buy it.


    Or, if you don’t want to use your real-world money, you can exchange your Lost Ark Gold for Blue Crystals. If you don’t have enough in your pocket, try searching “buy Lost Ark gold” or “Lost Ark buy gold,” and you will see ”MmoGah”. We are a reliable seller who has served thousands of happy Lost Ark gamers since the game’s launch in western countries this year.

    2. The other way doesn’t involve any currency exchange. The good news is that Pheons are given out as login rewards. Don’t forget to check out the daily login bonus to claim them.

    What to Do with This Currency Now

    It is suggested that Pheons are important, save more for the future, and hold off on Pheon usage now.

    Some people may choose to buy used skins because they cost less gold. But used skins can also charge you Pheons. One thing to realize here is that Pheons cost gold. Of course, the exchange rate varies with time and the market. But if you do the math, the actual gold you spend for a used skin can be equal to the gold you spend on a fresh skin, sometimes even more. So it is not a good deal. The thing is that at the current stage of the game, don’t spend a lot on something that is relatively not important. Save them more for the future.

    People also suggest that do not waste them on T1 and T2 as you won’t keep your T1 and T2 gears for too long.

    As Zeals said, we are in a caterpillar state. Our characters are not in the endgame, and we don’t have rows and rows of Engravings. In order to transition to a cocoon or even a butterfly, we will need Pheons then. We need these to transition into the Legendary Accessories and Relic Accessories.