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Lost Ark Machinist Class: Everything You Need to Know

By Jessie2022-09-25

According to the newest official news, the Machinist Advanced Class will be added to Lost Ark on September 28. The Machinist will be the fifth Gunner Advanced Class, and the other four classes are Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter. Before the Machinist is released, finding out if it is right for you is very important. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about the new class.



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The Introduce of Machinist

The Machinist is known for ranged attacks, armed with the high-tech weapon, a special suit, and a drone. The Machinist's skills have four categories: Normal, Drone, Combo, and Sync. Normal skills are the usual ranged attack arsenal from guns to grenades. These charge the Machinist's Hypersync battery. Drone Skills are using firing missiles, lasers, and even baby drones to ranged attack on your enemies. Joint skills unleash powerful joint attacks through the Machinist and Drone working together. Sync skills can only be used when Hypersync is active, the uniquely powerful attacks unleashed by the high-tech suit.


Lost Ark class Machinist's Engravings

Like other advanced classes, the Machinist has two unique class Engravings: The Evolutionary Legacy Class Engraving and the Arthentinean Skill Class Engraving. They will enhance different aspects of the class.


Evolutionary Legacy  

During Hypersync Mode, on hit, Sync skills inflict damage depending on different levels of Evolutionary Legacy. All levels have a cooldown of 0.5s, and when Hypersync Mode returns 40% of its Core Energy cost when canceled.


Lost Ark class Machinist’s Engravings


Arthetinean Skill

Different level Arthetinean Skill will increase different level damage of Drone and Joint skills and Battery Max. And all levels of Arthetinean skills will increase Move Speed by 10% when a Drone is attached to the Machinist.


Lost Ark class Machinist’s Engravings


Lost Ark Class Machinist's Skills

The Machinist has the basic skills and awakening skills below, and you can use the Tripod system to customize them. You can check here if you want to see some of these showcased in a video.


Lost Ark Machinist Class


Normal Skills

◇Bullet Hail 

◇Overcharged Battery

◇Mobile Shot 

◇Strategic Fire 

◇Backflip Strike

◇High Voltage Bullet

◇Pulse Fire



Drone Skills

◇Command: Flare Beam

◇Command: Active Pulse

◇Command: M143 Machine Gun 

◇Command: Baby Drones

◇Command: Carpet 

◇Command: Raid Missile

◇Command: Blockade


Joint Skills

◇Annihilation Mode

◇Fiery Escape

◇Energy Buster


Sync Skills

◇Comet Strike


◇Laser Blade

◇Echelon Beam

◇Surge Blow

◇Crimson Breaker


Awakening Skills

◇Air Strike

◇Command: Final Explosion


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