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Lost Ark Guide: Tips for Saving Time

By Jessie2022-09-16

Here I will share with you some tips from Korean users to help you save time and make your gameplay easier and more comfortable in Lost Ark. Let's drive in!


Throne Spire

Are you climbing the throne spire from level 1? Don't waste your time. There is a better way you can do it. If you choose the highest level of the throne spire, completing it will give you the rest of the lower level rewards.


Guild Sailing Co-op Quest

Are you going to the sailing co-op to complete the guild quest? You don't need to do that anymore because these quests can be completed by opening the sailing coin chest! You can get the quest and open the chest if you have a spare coin selection chest. It's pretty easy.


Faster Honing

Are you still waiting until the honing session is over? It takes a little time, so you can skip those honing sessions by pressing special honing!


How to Make Honing Faster in Lost Ark


Stronghold Feast

Are you going to the feast table by walking? You don’t have to do that anymore. There is a way to teleport to the table right away! Clicking the icon “two people” in the top left corner will show you visiting players in that stronghold. Click the position icon, and then it will bring you right away near the players! And don't forget the thumbs up to the guys who made a feast for you.


Lost Ark Stronghold Feast Icon


Finding Items

As we know, finding missing items is not easy. You can press "Alt+D" to find the item that you want to see. You can find almost every item here.


Portal without M

Are you using the travel portal only in M? You can find something different here. You can also use the travel portal in the Tab map too. Open the map and choose the portal on the map, Alt +L click. One more thing, south, and north Vern are connected continents. You can move north to south by the portal.


Sort lock

Are you annoyed by those auto sorting? You can get your cursor toward the item you want to sort lock by pressing “Alt+Left” click. And you can directly search a certain time in the auction by Ctrl+ Right click. And the Ctrl + right click has a lot of useful options! So using it can save you time. Time is precious, friends!


Battle Item Preset

You can change battle items by pushing Ctrl +Q.W.E.R.


Integrated Dungeon

Are you still accessing the raid dungeon by actually getting there? You can also access Dungeon remotely by pressing “Alt+Q”. You can get inside the party, Dungeon, and raid things there! And also you can change its order as you want.


Changing Cursor Color

Do you know how to change your cursor color faster without an option window? That is by pressing ctrl + wheel. It's very convenient.


Hope you won't waste your time in Lost Ark with these tips and click here for more LoA guides.



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