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Lost Ark: Esoteric Flurry Striker Class Build

By Jessie2023-06-15

There has been a balance patch change on the Striker class in Lost Ark Korean version recently, which will also arrive in the West soon. So in this guide, I will share an Esoteric Flurry Striker build that will suit most people very well. This guide provides good damage and versatility, and it feels very "lively" in raids and daily content like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.


 a balance patch change on the Striker class in Lost Ark Korean version


Changes in Typical Build

Typically when you see an Esoteric Striker, you'll see its stats are around 1200 swiftness, 500 specs, and 500 Crit, with an engraving: four by three plus two plus one.


Typical Engraving


With the change to the engraving, doing this build no longer makes sense. Instead, they are moving to full Specialization and Crit. However, full Specialization and Crit don't feel good for most people.


So in this guide, I recommend the stats are 1200-1300 Specialization, around 550-600 Crit, and 500 or so Swiftness.


Engraving Setup and Crit

On your engravings, you can go 5*3, with 3 on Esoteric Flurry.


Esoteric Flurry Striker Engraving Setup


And you can either go Keen Blunt or Cursed Doll because you will have around 80 to 83 Crit and around 93 Synergy. The Keen Blunt weapon is still viable if you don't want to mess around with Cursed Doll.


Skills, Runes, and Variations

As with any class, Striker has some variability that you can run three, four, or five spenders. Especially with level 1200-1300 spec, you get your gauge back quickly.


There is a sweet spot of four spenders' skills: Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike, Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation, Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges, and Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact.


For the skill - Moon Flash Kick, there's also some wiggle room. You can put a slightly higher damaging skill, like Flash Heat Fang. But Moon Flash Kick is pretty good because it allows a very quick closing skill plus a lot of gauges and does pretty good damage, and it also has decent stagger.


For this build, you can use:

●Sky Shattering Blow with Excellent Mobility, Blessing of the Wind, and Abundant Resources with the Golden Wealth Rune.

●Storm Dragon Kick with the Golden Rage Rune, Excellent Mobility.

●Tiger Emerges with Quick Prep, Single hit, and Ascension with the Blue Galewind. When we get a second golden Galewind, this will be purple.

●Moon Flash Kick with level 1 White Flame Kick, level 5 Excellent Mobility, level 5 Full Moon Kick, and the Overwhelm Rune.

●Spiral Impact with Weak Point Detection, lvl1 Blessing of the Wind, lvl5 Destruction Blow, Bleed Runes.

●Lightning Tiger Strike with Single Hit, lvl5 weak point Detection, level 5 Charged Kick, purple Galewind Rune.

●Blast Formation with level 5 Weak Point, Lvl5 Flame Explosion, level 5 Great Explosion, and another purple Galewind.

●Lightning Whisper with level 5 Esoteric Extortion, level 5 Quick Prep, Lv1 Fatal Lightning, and another purple Galewind.


Here's another little piece of variability. You can run the Galewind on Lightning Tiger Strike or Blast Formation. But I put it on Lightning Whisper instead of the Golden Wealth Runes. Because now that you have more spec, you can afford to put it in a Lightning Whisper, and it goes to the animation a little bit quicker. When you need the burst window that is about a two to three second burst, you can get lighting Tiger Strike and Tiger Emerges with your Lightning Whisper beforehand.


3 Sec, 6 Sec, Extended Damage Bursts

You'll have full adrenaline slacks for Damage rotation most of the time so I will build those up in your three-second burst. It's going to look like this:


Lost Ark StrikerThree-second burst Video


For your six-second burst, it will look like this:


Striker Six Second Damage Burst


Or you could put Blast Formation before Lightning Whisper like this:


Striker Damage Burst


There's your six-second burst, so you can do much damage in a very short window. From the following video, we can see how these damage skills are rotated:


Striker Damage Skills' Rotate


As you can see, there are 10 seconds before the main Combo is up.


Lost Ark Esoteric Flurry Striker Skill- Combo


So if you have to run around doing a Mechani reposition, you can do all of those things before you get ready to go through your Combo again.


And in PvP mode, he is not even fighting back. He's always on the ground or in the air, getting destroyed. When he's not in PvP mode, those two to three-second burst windows are so good because you can do a ton of damage quickly.


Chaos Dungeon Build

Going through Chaos Dungeons is also a breeze in this class with this spec. So let's go over the chaos build quickly.

●Sky Shattering Blow with Excellent Mobility, lv 5 Blessing of the Wind, level 4 Abundant Resources.

●Strom Dragon Kick with level 4 Excellent Mobility.

●Tiger Emergers with Lvl 4 Quick Perp, Lvl 4 Ring of Fire, and Lvl 5 Ascension.

●Phoenix Advent with Wide Hit, Ferocious Attack, lvl4 Nimble Movement. Nimble Movement is a funny skill because he's like Superman's down to the ground.

●Esoteric skills: Call the Wind God with Lighting Storm, Over Revolution, Raging Storms.

●Esoteric skills: lightning tiger Strike with lvl3 Quick Prep, Weak Point Detection, and Consecutive Kick.

●Esoteric skills: Blast Formation with Weak Point Detection, Flame Explosion, and Endless Destruction.

●Lightning Whisper with Esoteric Extortion, Quick Prep, and Fatal Lightning.



Four esoteric skills need Damage and CD gems: Lighting Tiger Strike, Blase Formation, Tiger Emerges, and Spiral Impact. And you can get CD gems on Sky Shattering Blow, Storm Dragon Kick, and Lightning Whisper.



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