• Lost Ark Collectibles Guides: Mokoko Seeds
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    Since Lost Ark’s launch, it has become the second most played game on Steam. This game has many contents, including quests, dungeons, crafts, and collectibles. MmoGah will introduce one of the collectibles, Mokoko seeds, in this guide.


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    Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Guide


    Introduction of Mokoko Seeds

    Mokoko seeds is one of eight kinds of collectibles in Lost Ark, which can be mainly used to trade with NPC for unique rewards. The description in the game is: “A precious seed created in Tortoyk. Tortoyk, the Giant sent Mokoko Seeds flying all across the world with a single sneeze”. It looks like a little fruit and is green. And it will glow when found.


    Rewards of Mokoko Seeds

    When you collect a certain number of Mokoko seeds, you can visit Mokoko Village and use them to trade with NPC, Totoma for the following various items. (The data is from Lost Ark Wiki)


    Uncommon Mokoko seeds rewards

    Stronghold Crew Application Form Chicachica: 150 Seeds

    15 x Eurus Blueprint: 450 Seeds

    20 x Eurus Blueprint: 600 Seeds


    Rare Mokoko seeds rewards

    Totoma Card: 50 Seeds

    Crew Application Form: Cocorico: 250 Seeds


    Epic Mokoko seeds rewards

    Kindness Potion: 100 Seeds

    Vitality Increase Potion: 200 Seeds

    Stat Increase Potion: 300 Seeds

    Mokamoka Card: 350 Seeds

    Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko: 500 Seeds

    Crew Application Form Poipoi: 650 Seeds

    Masterpiece #32: 950 Seeds

    Ship Model: Blooming Caravel: 1000 Seeds

    Masterpiece #44: 1,150 Seeds


    Legendary Mokoko seeds rewards

    Paradise’s Knight License: 400 Seeds

    3 x Shy Wind Flower Pollen: 550 Seeds

    Title “Mokoko Hunter”: 700 Seeds

    Structure: “Mokoko Seed Monument”: 750 Seeds

    Transform: Egg of Creation: 800 Seeds

    Crew Application Form: Narinari: 1050 Seeds

    Title “Nice Smelling”: 1100 Seeds

    Mokoko Charm: 1200 Seeds


    Mokoko Seeds Rewards Info


    Way of Getting Mokoko Seeds

    Once you find a Mokoko seed, stand next to it, click G. There will be a prompting message: “gives off a gentle and pleasing aroma” and don’t move until the bar is filled, and then it will be added to your inventory. The whole process might take 3s-4s. You can check the number of Mokoko seeds collected in the following way.


    1. Find the “Adventure” at the bottom right of the screen, click it.

    2. Select the collectibles, and click “Mokoko seeds.”

    3. There will be a menu where you can view the collection status of seeds.


    Collection Status of Mokoko Seeds


    Locations of Mokoko Seeds

    There are over 1000 MoKoko seeds in the game. Because they are very tiny, some of them will hide behind trees or foliage, so you might miss them. And you can’t find these seeds’ exact locations by the minimap, but you can use the Collectibles menu to know the collection status in each region.


    Open the Collectibles menu and select Mokoko Seeds, and then you can see many locations. You can hover the mouse over one of the positions. Then you will see a detailed list: this location has how many Mokoko Seeds and how many you’ve already collected.


    Mokoko Seeds are dispersed too widely in the game, so we can’t list them in detail. You can click this link to get all Mokoko Seeds locations. For example, Prideholme, after you enter this map, you will find all collectibles and quests here.


    Mokoko Seeds' Locations


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