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Lost Ark Class Guide - Which Class Should You Play

By Anna2022-02-25

What class should I choose? This may be our biggest concern once we start as a beginner, followed by the question of how to get some fast Lost Ark Gold afterwards. Since there are 15 great classes to choose from, choosing a right one isn't an easy thing. Today, I'll give you a rundown of all 15 classes so you can confidently choose the perfect class for yourself.




All classes can do all content in the game, and all classes are great at doing AoE damage. Also, when you get to the end game, groups will try not to bring duplicate classes because each class brings its buffs and debuffs. So if two Sharpshooters are in the same group, only one of their buffs and debuffs will be counted, and this helps promote class diversity in groups in the endgame, so pick a class that looks cool to you.




They are heavy armor-wearing big boys; they specialize in staying close to the action and taking hits while dishing them back. If swords and heavy armor are your things, you can start from here



The first Warrior class is the Berserker, and it is a melee DPS who uses a two-handed greatsword and heavily armored rocks.


Lost Ark Berserker


They are not as tanky as the other heavy armor classes to follow, but they are the most agile. This results in them being well-rounded, with a nice blend of tanky and hard-hitting abilities that makes the class great for new players and veterans. While all classes do have AoE damage, the Berserker has some of the best feelings away damage in the game. In general, their abilities are just as effective as everyone else, but they are easier to line up and pull off due to the shape of their AoE cones. Since they put out so much damage, they are necessarily a little bit squishier than the other warrior brethren. It can be easy to get caught up in all the damage you're putting out. So mind your position and avoid taking too much damage yourself.


Your ultimate sends you into a rage mode that allows you to attack 20 faster and with a 30 increased crit rate. This makes the Berserker a fantastic choice for any group as it will do an excellent job of bursting down bosses. On top of that, their buffs and debuffs make them great to have in the group as well.



It wields a melee gun, and you will always sit on the front line of every battle.


Lost Ark Gunlancer


Gunlancer is considered the one tank in lost ark. And it has what you'd expect from a tank, such as the ability to taunt enemies and mitigate damage for both itself and its allies; of course, the drawback to being this tanky is that you will move slower than the other classes.


Gunlancer can have a massive impact on a fight as they can make a fight a lot easier through their positioning and damage absorption for the group. But being a Gunlancer can be more difficult than other classes because you need to be mindful of yourself and your allies at the same time. You also need to know the mechanics and avoid or mitigate the damage for yourself and your group.



The Paladin is one of the two healer support classes in the game, and it is a mixture of melee and medium-range damage. It wears a one-handed sword and a book.


Lost Ark Paladin


Paladin's skills

Blue skills: Uses the sword and is mostly used for melee DPS abilities;

Gold skills: Uses the book and is used for support.

For instance, you can activate a giant golden aura that increases your entire group's damage by 10% as long as they're standing within it.


Some of your abilities have a pretty lengthy cast time, so positioning will be critical to make sure you don't end up a dead pancake. The primary purpose of the Paladin in a group is as a healer support character, and for this reason, it will be one of the harder classes to play in the game. As with all supports, you are expected to watch not only yourself but your allies. Most importantly, you should understand boss mechanics to know when it is and when it's not a good time to release these buffs and debuffs. If you're looking for the feeling of a mage in heavy armor or being a heavy armor healer, then the Paladin is going to be the pick for you.




It feels like the Martial Artist. They are quick and excel at getting in and out of combat as a necessity.



Deathblade is kind of like a Martial Artist that wields swords, and it brings fantastic buffs to the group, such as an attack speed buff and a damage buff. These two buffs make them a fantastic addition to any raid group, as is the case with all Assassin classes to this point. It has fantastic mobility and great attack speed, and it's going to be quite squishy, as a result, which means you will need to be focused on knowing when to get in and out of combat to set up your attacks and minimize your risk.



For the Shadowhunter, it is a melee DPS, but it has some incredibly surprising and powerful mid-range reach on some of its abilities. Essentially, this class is one with the demonic side of things in lost ark, granting it the ability to go full evil and use that in its mission to eliminate its enemies. Like the Berserker, it can easily land lots of large AoE abilities, but doing so faster and getting out faster to ensure it avoids taking too much damage for too long.




Gunners are your ranged DPS that specialize in projectile weapons. Sometimes the projectile is a rocket, and sometimes it's an arrow; sometimes they're fast, and sometimes they're slow.



For Gunslinger, it carries two pistols, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. When using the pistol and the shotgun, you'll want to be closer, and when using your sniper rifle, you can be far away. However, where the Gunslinger shines is its ability to play the game at range as its sniper rifle abilities perform well compared to their counterparts. As a Gunslinger, you will often have to move to and from your target, and fortunately, you will have a lot of mobility to facilitate this process. It will likely take some time to get used to switching between the three weapons, so the learning curve for the Gunslinger is higher than most of the other classes.



This is one of the unique MMO classes I've ever seen. Their weapon of choice is an artillery weapon that can change between a gun, a flamethrower, and even a rocket launcher.


Lost Ark Artillerists


You've got a giant weapon and moderate mobility, but you also have an almost unparalleled level of animation locks. Besides, many of your attacks have an enormous AoE radius. If you are looking for a slower, more methodical playstyle with fewer but harder-hitting attacks, the artillerist might be the perfect class for you.



It is the gender counterpart to the Gunslinger. It also carries two pistols, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle, so you will be choosing your weapon based on your distance from the enemy, often moving to or from your enemy to unload certain abilities.


Lost Ark Deadeye


While the Gunslinger excels with the sniper rifle, the Deadeye excels with the shotguns, which means the Deadeye will need to spend more time closer to the enemy than the Gunslinger.



The Sharpshooter is bow class or a ranger. It excels in both range and mobility, and it can juggle between single-target and AoE attacks to clear out the battlefield. Sharpshooter also has a pet hawk that follows them around and helps them out.


Lost Ark Sharpshooter




Mages are just casters of magic.


Lost Ark Mages



The Bards wield a harp and cast the enemies' magical abilities, filling a similar role to the Paladin. While Bards can put out decent damage, they excel in their ability to keep their team alive, and this is why they will always be one of the most desired classes to bring in any raid.



It wields a staff and uses the elements to unload damage on its enemies. Each of the Sorceress's elements kind of has its utility. They use fire to drop big AoE damage and damage over time on their enemies. It also uses ice to slow and freeze its enemies. Finally, they use lightning to damage and stun their enemies. The Sorceress is the truest caster in the game and represents the mage archetype. As for PvP, the Sorceress has excellent CC capabilities and can be great for saving allies.



Martial Artists


Lost Ark Martial Artists


Martial Artists are quick hard-hitting classes, good at inflicting damage and getting away; being quick is not just something they can do, and it's something they have to do as standing in damage will result in their quick demise.



The first Martial Artist is the Wardancer, a melee DPS wearing fist weapons, one of the fastest and most mobile classes in the game. And it has shorter cooldowns.


Lost Ark Wardancer


The Wardancer is highly valued for its buff, which grants crit chance and attack speed to the allies, making it a great addition to any group. Wardancer offers some of the best group support of any DPS due to the Wardancer 's squishy nature positioning and general awareness of raid mechanics.



The Scrapper is a melee DPS. Due to its slower and less mobile nature, it is a bit tangier than the Wardancer and Striker, making it perhaps the most well-rounded Martial Artist.


Lost Ark Scrapper


It dishes out damage well but also takes it fairly well too. Due to its well-rounded nature, it does well in PvP and PvE. The Scrapper has two resources, and you will constantly be using one to fill the other; use your yellow resource abilities to charge the green meter and use the green resource abilities to charge the yellow meter. Once you master balancing your resources, this class becomes incredibly satisfying. Scrappers excel at staggering enemies and buffing their allies, which is incredibly useful for group content. If you want to be a bruiser that gets up close and pummels the enemies, the Scrapper could be the choice for you.



It is both a melee and a ranged DPS. Since it's a Martial Artist and has many abilities that have a wide range, Soulfist can do well in more situations with less risk, and they can keep their distance and continue dishing out damage when necessary.


   Lost Ark Soulfist                                                                                               


You've got the Kamehameha ability where you can shoot out energy at your opponents, blasting them from range. And as an ultimate, you can pull off Goku's spirit bomb move. This ability takes a while to cast, but it also is perhaps the single hardest-hitting ability in the game. If you managed to land this on someone in PvP, they would be lucky to survive. Because the Soulfist has a fantastic burst window through the use of their ultimate, they are a great choice for PvP.



This is a Martial Artist that feels like you'd expect it to be, but with more flair. It's going to be a fantastic group member as it's got the buffs and debuffs. If you wish you could be a male, the Striker is for you.


Lost Ark Striker




That's all 15 classes in Lost Ark, and we hope it helps you choose your class. If you want to know more news, welcome to, and you can also buy Lost Ark safe Gold from us if you need some.





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