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Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Why Do You Need Low-Level Alts

Jessie October 21st, 2022 Lost Ark    Lost Ark Gold    Lost Ark Gold Help   

Alts are the essential factors for your Lost Ark journey. Most players normally park their Alts at 1415 to 1445 when the legion raid starts. But reaching that high level is quite tough for most beginners because they don't have that many materials and Lost Ark gold to make parking Alts! So the one solution is low-level parking! Low-level Alts can also be helpful for your LoA journey. Let's see why and how about that!


Do You Know Why You NeedLow Level Alts?


1. Una's Task

Una's Task has an important factor called "Reputation." Reputation is the most fundamental work for making your life progress in the game. And it includes Skill Potion, Masterpiece, etc. Completing Una's Tasks will increase your reputation with NPCs. And when your characters have enough reputation, you will get additional rewards.


These Una's Tasks have limits for each character: 3 times daily per character and three times weekly. You can do more Una's Tasks if you have more Alts characters. So do Una's Tasks about materials as main. And do the Una's Task related to ground works as Alts.


Keep in mind that reputation can be stacked up once per day. If you have already done a certain quest, do the other quests with other characters. And you can also fill up the weekly progress bar by doing the daily and weekly Una's Tasks. The more Alts you have, the faster to fill those progression bars. And filling up those progression bars will give you a reward called una's token, which you can go to any exchange Merchant to turn into gold. So don't forget to do the daily and weekly Una's Tasks!


2. Bifrost

Bifrost is also a helpful function that can reduce your time and effort. Sailing might be fun for the first time, but keep doing this to do some Rapport and Merchant will cost you lots of time. The Bifrost system and Alts can help you with these. Save the Bifrost location in front of the Merchant, Una's task and Rapport will reduce your time and efforts. With these systems, you can save time.


3. Materials Supply

Raise your character for a while. There will be a moment, and you'll have to stop mostly because lack LOA gold and materials for honing. But with those Alts, you can also get a slight boost in gold and materials. Each character has different limits in lots of content. The more Alts you have, the more materials and lost ark gold can be obtained for those contents. And the materials from those contents mostly are roster-wide shareable. In other words, you can concentrate those materials and gold on a certain character. Some of the materials can be sold in the auction house, so if you want a quick gold boost, this can be a solution.


Lost Ark is a marathon game, and you need to be patient when you try to raise one of your characters. Hope the above content can help you!




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