• How to Gear and Use Your Alts Efficiently in Lost Ark
    By Anna2022-03-31 00:00:00

    Do you want more Gold Lost Ark, Silver, Honing Materials, and owner Reputations? Then playing Alt well can give us these. Lost Ark is a game where there are diminishing returns on the efficiency of your time spent on one character, so making Alt well can speed up the grind and smooth out progression to get more rewards.



    Stronghold Research

    After you get your Alt to level 50, which in most cases will be from the power pass with the knowledge pass in your Stronghold, you can start doing your dailies, but before that, if you have a character in tier 2 or 3, make sure you have the Stronghold Honing Research. This will reduce the amount of Honing XP needed and increase the chance of an upgrade by 20%.



    Tower Rewards For Alts

    If you're still in tier 1, you'll use your Alts to push you to tier 2, then get the Research going before focusing on your Alts, and keep in mind that if you've done the Tower on one character, the next time you do it, you will get Honing Materials. This will make up that you can't go back and do the Island Quest again.



    Daily Content

    What content should you be doing on your Alts? You'll still want to do your 2 daily Chaos Dungeons, 2 Guardian Raids, and 3 Una Task.


    Chaos Dungeons

    Chaos Dungeons give Silver, Gold of Lost Ark server, and Honing Materials.


    Guardian Raid

    For Guardian Raids, I always go for the highest level I can because the higher the Guardian Raids, the more materials you get. But on Alts, especially in tiers 1 and 2, where the guardian fights are longer, I'm going for efficiency. There are some fights that are more troublesome and longer than others; I try to avoid those(8-10 minutes Guardian Raids). Guardian Raids are broken up by raid levels, so let's take a look at which fights I pick for each raid level.


    Raid Level 1: I'm running Lumerus or Icy Legoros. Vertus has more mechanics; the fight is longer and is way more unreliable if you're using matchmaking. Ur'nil is easy, but it's only worth running if you don't have the item level for the others.


    Lost Ark Raid Level 1


    Raid Level 2: I'm sticking with Chromanium simple and easy fight. Nacrasena isn't a bad pick here either. But the problem with the other two is that they have mechanics that slow down the fight.


    Lost Ark Raid Level 2


    Raid Level 3: It is my least favorite. I'm running Dark Legoros until Calventus. The Dark Legoros fight isn't bad; it's really simple, but the travel time getting to him is annoying. Calventus is another easy fight that you get access to at 880. I can't trust matchmaking for the other two guardians, and I find them more troublesome to solo.


    Lost Ark Raid Level 3


    Raid Level 4: The last three are pretty simple after you get the mechanics down. Levanos is the easiest for me. Lava Chromanium isn't difficult, but sometimes he will be oddly mobile for a Turtle. Alberhastic has a lot of mechanics, but if you're comfortable with him, it has low HP, so you can usually burn him down pretty quickly.


    Lost Ark Raid Level 4


    Raid Level 5: Igrexion is the easiest. But since I'm stopping my offset 1325 for a bit, I'm picking Armored Nacrasena. In this term, I'm going for the highest guardian I can because the value of the materials is so high.


    Lost Ark Raid Level 5


    Overall these are the guardians that work best for me and cut down the amount of time I need to spend on Alts by a good amount. Another easy alternative is to take turns on carrying Alts through Guardian Raids with a friend.


    Una Dailies

    We are now moving into your Una Dailies. These can be broken up into three groups based on reward types: Honing Materials(Leapstones), Reputations, and Silver.


    For your main character, you always want to do Leapstones Dailies. So with your Alts, you need to figure out the other things you want to do. In most cases, unless Leapstone bottlenecks you on your Alt, you don't want to mindlessly do Leapstone quests because you can now use these characters to push horizontal progression. For example, you have quests like Repairing The Seal Site and Whispering Minuet that give you Skill Points; these reputations can also give Giant Hearts and Virtue Points.


    Silver income is a very big part of your upgrading cycle in tier 3; Chaos Dungeons help, but if you combine upgrading your gear with Adventure Tome completion and Rerolling Gyms, you'll be running out very fast. Lopaing Island Dailies are the main choice for silver; the amount of silver you get scales off your item level, so you'll get the most value from doing them on your tier 3 characters.



    Don't forget to use your Bifrost to speed up Una's quest.


    Lost Ark Bifrost


    And my last tip for the dailies is that you don't have to do them every day. It's obviously better if you do, but if you let the rest bonus do its work, you're still making progress.



    Weekly Content

    The weekly owner quests aren't time-consuming. You can complete the Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid weekly while doing your usual Daily Routine.


    For my Third Weekly, if I don't like PvP on the character, I usually just run the Boss Rush.


    Lost Ark Weekly Content


    On the topic of weekly content, don't forget to do your weekly Abyssal Dungeons. These are great for Lost Ark game Gold generation and can give you Legendary Card drops.


    If I have two characters in the same tier, I use the item level requirement for the first Abyssal Dungeon as a stopping point for one Alt. For example, the first dungeon has an item level requirement of 340, Tier 2's first dungeon is 840, tier 3 is 1325. In this way, I don't slow down gearing them both, trying to feed them equally. If you put all of this information together, you can form a gameplay loop for your Alt.



    Gameplay Loop for Your Alt


    Tier1 Alt Gameplay Loop

    Boost your characters to 302. Get them to 340 for the first Abyssal Dungeon if your main is tier 1 funnel material to them. If not, use them to get characters of tier 2 through the rohendel questline or knowledge pass it at 460. Phantom Palace also opens up at 460, and do the Shadespire Tower whenever you can, all while doing your main set of dailies. You do this until you hit tier 2.


    Tier2 Alt Gameplay Loop

    At 600, you go to the Great Castle, repeat a similar thing at tier 2, get to 840 for the Ark of Arrogance Dungeon. At 1100, you go to Punika, and you'll continue this cycle until you get to your desired item level, but there's no tier 3 tower.


    Tier3 Alt Gameplay Loop

    There isn't as much money to be made in tier 1 and tier 2 anymore, so I only sell materials after getting my Alts through a tier. You want to get out of those tiers as soon as possible to make the tier 3 money and funnel materials to your main to get to 1385 faster. I'm stopping my Alts at 1325 until I get my main to 1385 for the Stronghold Research for tier 3. After that, I'll push them to 1340, and with that, you're good to go.


    Above all is what we want to share with you today about Alt in Lost Ark, and I hope these will be helpful to you. Also, most content of this article comes from ThrowGod, and if you are interested in this content, you can follow his channel.