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  • How Does the Lost Ark Mailing System Work
    By Jessie2022-02-11 00:00:00

    Lost Ark, which many gamers love, is developed by Smilegate and launched globally for several days. Like other MMO games, Lost Ark has mail system that players can use to mail Lost Ark gold and items, which is important. Here we will introduce how the Lost Ark mailing system works!




    First, the mail system can only be used on the same server, and players cannot send mail to other characters within the same account. 


    Second, players need to input the exact recipient's name. After inputting the character name, the system will automatically recognize the player ID and display "Adventurer does not exist" if it doesn't exist. It will also automatically show the recipient's highest ilv record, which is very important because if the player emails with items as attachments, its ilv can't be higher than the recipient's.


    Players can send any tradeable item as an attachment. When sent through the mail, items that require Pheons on Auction House will require the same amount of Pheons.


    Pheons: it's one of many currencies of Lost Ark, which many players also call a trading taxing and is used when buying some rare items in the Auction House. Players can only use Blue Crystals to buy them.


    Players Can Buy Blue Crystals with Gold or Royal Crystals


    Third, all mail reaches its recipients almost immediately. And there are two ways to open your mail in lost ark: Normal and Express mail. The difference between them is that Express mail can be opened anywhere, but Normal mail can only be opened through mailman NPC. And both methods charge senders: 30 silvers for Normal mail and 2000 silvers for Express mail.


    Finally, please pay attention to the emails with garbage gear/accessories attached because accepting these mails will cost your precious Pheons.


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