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A Complete Guide to Getting All the Omnium Stars in Lost Ark

By Penny2022-04-01

Omnium Stars are important collectible items in Lost Ark. Collecting them all can earn you up to 12 Skill Points, which can strengthen your character to a great extent. As of the current patch, there are six Omnium Stars we can obtain. The seventh one can be dropped from Chaos Dungeon, which is not in our version of the game now, so we will today talk about how and where to obtain the six ones.


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The First Omnium Star

You can get the first one for free. But to get it, you need to get to tier 3. After you lock the continent of Punika, finish the yellow quest – Whispering Star.


The Second Omnium Star

You will get the second one from an Una’s Task called Pond of Purification. Open up Una’s Task and click Reputation Status. Type Omnium Star #2 to accept the quest.


Pond of Purification


It will take you 21 days to get this. The whole process is not difficult, but it takes long.


The Third Omnium Star

As you can see from the Rapport Reward chart, Nia can give us an Omnium Star upon reaching trusted status, and this is the person we can get the third one from.


But reaching trusted status with Nia can take weeks due to a virtue gate. Below are the tips you can use to make the process faster:


Once you are friendly level one, which is between 3000 and 3299, give her 15 legendary gifts of the same type. If you are already past the friendly level one, then don’t give her 15 legendary gifts. When you are between 5000 ~ 5299, give her 14 instead. The same thing goes for 7000~7299 and 9000~9200; give her 13 and 12 legendary gifts, respectively. Pay close attention to how many points you are at. (data from Myca)


The Fourth Omnium Star

The fourth one can be bought for 8000 Sun Coins from Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel outside of Punika.


You can obtain Sun Coins from doing Co-op sea voyage and adventure islands as these will help you earn High Seas Coin Chests. And saving these chests up can help you gain a good amount of Sun Coins. Besides, the Grand Prix event can also sell High Seas Coin Chests, but it is a time-limited event, which will be end when the next major patch launches in April.


The Fifth Omnium Star

It is from the world boss Moake in Punika. But the problem is that it requires an item level of 1415, which is pretty high.


The Sixth Omnium Star

You can get this one from defeating Stella, the boss of the Anguished Isle dungeon. She has a chance to drop the Omnium Star, but it is not guaranteed. So a few runs are required sometimes. Anguished Isle Island will give you one key to do the dungeon every day. But you can stack up on keys to run the dungeon multiple times a day.


The above are the ways to get all the available Omnium Stars in Lost Ark. Hope it’s helpful for your collecting journey.

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