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  • Why You Should Buy a League of Legends Account
    By Penny2021-03-18 00:00:00

    League of Legends has gained a large population so far since its launch in 2009, whose number has reached an astonishing 115 Million in terms of monthly players by 2021. A lot of players choose to have a second LoL Account. They get it either by leveling themselves or buying it directly. Most of them choose the latter. Then you may ask why people prefer to buy LoL Accounts? There are a few reasons for it.


    Why You Should Buy a League of Legends Account


    Try More Champions

    Most League of Legends accounts usually come with 20,000+BE. That means you can buy the champions you are interested in playing, or you can consider it as a new chance to try new ones that are different from your main account, thus making the LoL journey more enjoyable.


    Try a Different Region

    Currently, EUW is considered to be the most competitive region owing to its success in esports. Therefore, for instance, many NA gamers want to play with EUW players to test their skills. In that case, they usually have two options: to purchase a server transfer through the Riot store for 2600RP (around $20), or you can buy a cheap LoL Account directly for less than 10$(current price at MmoGah for unranked LoL accounts). Based on the math, we can easily tell which one is a better choice.


    Besides, buying a new account can also enable you to play with your friend from a different region. Finally, every region tends to have a unique playstyle. Thus playing in a different region will also help you find the most suitable style that brings more winning to you.


    Save Money

    Most Smurf LoL Accounts come with 20k+ BE, which is enough to buy four third-tier legendary champions. Each of them retails for about 3,150 BE, which translates to almost $36. But the price of a smurf LoL account is usually way less than that, which means you’ll be saving a nice amount of money.


    Level Up Faster/Save Time

    Level 30 is the threshold required to play the real game in LoL. Many players strive to reach this level to start competing on the ranked ladder. Generally speaking, it usually needs roughly 37,000 XP to hit level 30. And Normal games net an average of 200 XP per game, which means you’ll have to play nearly 200 games. Each of them usually lasts an average length of 30 minutes. After doing the math, we can draw the conclusion that almost 100 hours are needed to reach level 30. It is indeed a lot of time.


    Since you can directly buy a League of Legends account for less than 10$, why bother to spend 100 hours climbing the ladder?


    Play With Friends at Lower Ranks

    If you have friends who have just started playing LoL and you two want to play together, buying a new account is definitely a good option. Because if you use your main account, there is a high possibility that you will be put into higher rank games. Your beginner friend may not want this. By buying an unranked smurf account, the difficulty level will be more suitable for your friend and more enjoyable for you – to feel like a king.


    You Lost Your Main Account

    Buying a new account can be a good option when you lose your main account. For whatever reason you got banned, we may learn the lesson, but we don’t know how long we have to wait, or even worse, our account may never come back. However, it shouldn’t become a reason that holds you back from playing your favorite game. What will you do? Create a new account and take months to climb the ladder all over again? There is a smarter way – buying a League of Legends Account directly.


    Hope the benefits listed here would help explain why people are more willing to buy League of Legends accounts directly. And if you are looking to buy one, MmoGah can be a good choice. We have a variety of accounts in stock. Not only unranked/ranked accounts but also Wild Rift Accounts are also included. Lifetime Guarantee, Speedy Delivery, or Low Price are all vital factors that you should pick us as your LoL Accounts' first buying choice. What’s more, we have gained a good reputation during more than 15 years of experience in the gaming market. You can see a lot of positive feedbacks from our customers by checking out MmoGah Reviews. What are you waiting for? Just a few clicks will save you from weeks, even months of leveling time. Get your own account right now!


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