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LoL: A Short List of Things You Need to Know About Vex

By Penny2021-09-28

League of Legends Patch 11.19 is out for a few days. Do you enjoy Vex and know how to play? We listed a few things you need to know here regarding her abilities. Let’s go!




1. Passive (Doom ’n Gloom)


Doom has a bar that fills up over time. Once full, her next basic spell will fear enemies’ hit.


Gloom is a debuff that applies to nearby champs who dash, including Flashes and Blast Cone. The next auto or spell consumes Gloom to deal damage. There is no cooldown, so watch out, Yasuos.


2. E

Vex's E winds up slower the further away it is. It deals damage and also glooms everything it hits, including minions. Doom's CD is reduced by 25% per gloom champions hit and 10% on minions. This means you don't want to stack versus her.


3. Q

Her Q is a slow fat skill shot that gets skinnier and faster. Damage is the same for both parts.


4. W

Her W is an instant self-shield and AoE damage.


5. Ult

Her ult is similar to Kai’Sa's W in range but a bit slower and wider. Vex is unstoppable while traveling, and it resets on kills. Play it distance since her spells are slow and dodgeable. Vex is weak early due to long cooldowns and low damage. She easily dies to ganks as she has no escapes.


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