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League of Legends Patch 11.7: Best Champions Tier List

By Penny2021-04-07

Hi, Summoners. Today’s content is about champions tier list in League of Legends patch 11.7. The video is still from ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides. By the way, MmoGah has many LoL Accounts for sale. If you are looking to buy a League of Legends Account, be sure to visit. Now, let’s get right into it!



Top Lane - Tier List

Mordekaiser has received a buff to his Q in this patch and there's no doubt that he is a solid S to your pick now. While he does still struggle in the upper end of high ELO, his win rates from Iron all the way up to Platinum have seen incredible gains. The extra damage is a simple buff that helps players win extended duels. In high ELO, Mordekaiser still struggles because of his lack of mobility, but his win rate did see a slight increase in this patch.


Teemo was surprisingly also buffed in this patch. With his passive's attack speed duration receiving a small buff and his getting a little more damage on his E, we still think he belongs in the A-Tier for now.


Yorick unexpectedly received major quality of life buffs in this patch too. His play rate and win rate have both shot through the sky. Players are just all aboard the Yorick train as all of his ghouls are way more responsive than before. Over the course of this patch, Yorick has shot up the leaderboard and is currently the most popular top laner in the entire game. Although his win rate dwindles slightly as you approach the super-high ELOs, Yorick's overall success is undeniable. From low to high ELO, Yorick is a pretty impressive pick in this patch and those small buffs were all that he needed to pop off. At the moment, he holds somewhere close to a 55% win rate across all ranks and while some of this can be attributed to the novelty of a new Meta pick rising, there's no doubt that he's also strong. So we moved him all the way to the OP tier.


Gnar has fallen off a bit as his win rates have slowly fallen. The rise of Yorick has contributed to this, and the Meta is just gradually shifting


Sylas has been popping off ever since his buffs can be as both a top and mid laner. This is especially great because of the lack of magic damage in the top lane right now, which means Sylas has even more value as a pick.




So our OP picks for the top lane are Darius, Garen, Malphite and Yorick. In the S Tier, we have Camille, Maokai, Poppy, Cho'gath, Riven, Mordekaiser, Fiora, Urgot, Nocturne, Wukong, Jax, Gnar and Sylas.


Jungle - Tier List

Udyr was finally nerfed in this patch. However, he retains an incredible ban rate and a passable win rate. There's no doubt that he's weaker than previous patches mostly because of the change for Turbo Chemtank. The direct nerf which only took away a bit of his base AD wasn't necessarily the worst.


Hecarim remains the most popular Jungler and still has an incredible ban rate of around 60% in high ELO. It is less mobile than before but still poses a huge threat to enemies alongside his high damage output.


Ivern received a small nerf to his E in this patch. However, as he's not picked up for damage anyway, his win rate really didn't change that much.


Kindred received some nice buffs in this patch but continues to struggle in lower ELOs. One thing that holds back Kindred at the moment is that a ton of bursty Junglers are really popular. They can either blow her up or just force her to cast her ultimate early rather than later in a team fight. So in spite of the buff, Kindred won't move up.


Amumu also received a buff in this patch. As we expected, he's still having a rough time in high ELO, but is as dominant as ever in lower to mid. Amumu is still considered A-Tier in this list. I'm here to give you another reminder that if you're Gold or below, you should probably consider him S tier or even OP tier.


Skarner: With the change to Turbo Chemtank, Skarner has also seen a dip in his play and win rates in this patch. Unfortunately, he's also a champion who relies heavily on the extra mobility that the item provides, and he had taken a hit when the change was more likely targeted than Hecarim Udyr.




So our OP picks for the Jungle are Hecarim, Shaco and Elise, followed up by Kha'zix, Graves, Evelynn, Nunu, Ivern, Fiddlesticks, Viego and Udyr in the S-Tier.


Mid Lane – Tier List

Yasuo received a buff to help him skill a little more effectively. This buff has done a lot for him and his win rates are in the positive once again. It's kind of surprising but a little extra 80 per level has increased his win rate by about a full percent. As 80 midlaners remain quite dominant in the mid lane, things are looking rough for the Mage players. I mean, they even have to deal with Xin Zhao right now, but more on him in a bit.


Lissandra: Although Lissandra was on the border of pushing for the next tier, remember that Everfrost was also nerfed as well. So for players who like to build other mythic items, this batch has been nothing but a buff. But there's no doubt that Everfrost helped Lissandra out a ton. An extra slow helps you land your Q with ease or just get in range to apply crowd control. Considering these changes, her overall power level remains about the same as before.


Xin Zhao: we still don't have enough data to make an accurate assessment of where exactly he should be, but tentatively we'll move him up to the B tier. There's a lot of value in the fact that Xin Zhao is currently a flex pick. Most of the time, you can expect him to head into the Jungle, but there's always that potential role swap that you have to be wary of. At the moment, Xin Zhao mid's win rate sits around 50%, but its play rate still remains really low.


Sylas is also up to the S-Tier in mid. It's actually because he's been popping off in the top lane that we moved him up to S in the mid lane, too. Flex picks are good even in solo queue. Giving your opponents uncertainty and also having the potential lane swap can make all the difference.




So our OP picks are Anivia, Zed and Katarina, followed up by Pantheon, Viktor, Talon, Annie, Gallio, Fizz, Ekko, Qiyana, Viego, Diana, Yasuo, Ahri, Yone, LeBlanc, Kassadin and Sylas in the S-Tier.


Bot Lane Tier List

Kai’Sa received a small nerf in this patch. There's no wonder that she is still a strong pick, though. While Kai’Sa remains the most popular bot lane pick, the meta continues to diversify and make room for more and more.


Tristana was also nerfed in this patch. Although she was on the border of the OP tier, this small nerf to her base AD was enough to cement her in the S-Tier. Less AD makes it harder to push, trade. Unfortunately, these are all things that Tristana needs to do to find success in solo queue.


Ashe received a nice little buff to her ultimate in this patch. As a result, we've actually seen her win rate increase by almost a full percent in high ELO. Her overall win rate has also seen similar changes. In the late game, making crucial picks can make you easily win the games. I'm sure we've all been there at some point: you're 30 minutes in and one of your teammates randomly gets caught out and then you proceed to slowly lose the 4v5 that follows. So the reduced cooldown on Ashe's ultimate has made it even easier to impact games with her. Shoot your shot enough times, and you're bound to score.


Varus also got a buff to his AD growth. For the first time in forever, his win rate is positive in high ELO. He's finding more success in this patch and it seems like the last buff was finally enough to make him decent. So we moved him up to the A-Tier as a result.


Jinx is slowly rising through the ranks and her chaotic snowball design makes her a really good pick right now. In solo queue, you honestly never know when you might randomly get a triple kill just spoon-fed to you. Jinx's high damage output and scaling make her a fantastic pick at the moment.




Following in the S–Tier, we got Samira, Tristana, Kai’Sa, Ezreal, Ashe, Vayne, Jhin, Caitlyn, Seraphine, Swain and Sivir.


Support – Tier List

Rell: We didn't expect the nerf to Rell to have such a big impact. However, we've dropped Rell all the way down to the B–Tier. The reduction in her stun's duration has done a ton of damage to her kit. A 0.5 - second stun is a bit disappointing, and it is probably just there to disrupt channels at this point. Making her support short hurts Rell in many ways. She has a lot less kill pressure and is also a bit weaker as both an initiator and a support who tries to protect her allies. Rell's win rate has dropped about 2% this patch.


Thresh also received a small nerf to his W, and as we expected, he's still OP. Thresh's win rate has seen no noticeable changes.


Alistar has seen a big dip in his win rates. He lost a ton of damage and that unfortunately made him a lot less effective in solo queue. While he could previously just 1v1 an enemy Marksman at practically all stages of the game, it's not something that we see as often anymore. It’s definitely still possible, especially with Ignite, but around the mid to late game, he would basically lose 30 to 40 damage in a full combo. So we moved Alistar down to the A-Tier for this update.


Braum received a very nice buff in this patch. Although Braum's stats aren't anything spectacular, he's basically sitting at a 50% win rate.


Senna is up to the A–Tier because our analysts have noted that she's very popular in Korea right now.




So our OP picks for supports are Leona and Thresh, followed up by LuLu, Bard, Morgana, Janna, Nautilus and Blitzcrank in the S–Tier.


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