• Some Important Tips You Should Know in Guild Wars 2
    By Cathy Deng2017-04-26 00:00:00

    Guild Wars 2 has exciting new features, which brings gw2 players all together. Whether you are new to the MMO genre or a veteran of other games, GW2 isn’t quite the same as anything you have tried before. Once your character is created, you’re ready to go off to the guild wars 2 world. Therefore, we will share you some important tips you should know in guild wars 2, which will make you start off in the best possible position.



    1. The very first thing you should do in Guild Wars 2 is to press Esc, go to options, and carefully peruse every option & key binding which are available to you. Adjust the settings to your liking, which will help you to learn more about gw2 and customize your play style.


    2. Minimap

    The minimap is an integral part of the user interface, and it's important for you to familiarize yourself with it. Not only will you be able to detect where your friends are, you'll also be able to point out any locations by pinging a spot on the map. You can do this by holding the shift key and left-clicking on the minimap. In addition, you can draw doodles on the minimap. It's especially useful for multiplayer strategies. You can do this by holding the shift key and the left mouse button. Finally, you can alert other party members to your location by holding the alt key and left-clicking on the minimap. It can place a beacon at your precise location. It's necessary if you intend to lead other players into battle.


    3. Auction House

    Auction House can make you buy and sell from other players at anywhere. The default shortcut key is ‘O’. Note that you will have to visit a Trading Post NPC to pick up guild wars 2 items or guild wars 2 gold you earn there.


    4. Screenshot

    If you'd like to take a screenshot with the UI disabled, you can hold the shift key and hit the PrintScreen button.


    5. Item Gathering Quest

    If you're on an item gathering quest and having trouble finding items, you can pay more attention on the ground. Maybe the chances will be laying on the ground. You can hit the alt key to display the names of all the interactive objects in the environment. 



    6. PvP

    You can click the PvP icon in the top left of the screen. When the PvP window appears, you can click “Go to the Heart of the Mists.” And you can click the same button to go back.


    7. Double Tap to Evade

    One option that most players recommend disabling is “Double Tap to Evade” which is under the Combat/Movement header. While some players enjoy it, they think it is better to give Dodge its own unique button.


    8. Bag Space Clearance

    You can easily clear bag space at any time. Open your inventory window, click on the gear icon in the top right, and select Deposit All Collectables. It will send all your crafting materials to your bank, which can be accessed from crafting tables or NPCs in every city.



    9. Gathering Equipment

    You can buy gathering equipment as quickly as possible. Harvesting Sickles, Logging Axes, and Mining Picks are available from most NPC merchants, which will allow you to gather valuable crafting materials and earn experience from the world around you. Be sure to find a merchant and start gathering as soon as you can.


    10. Be Brave

    Don’t be afraid of other players. In GW2, there is no world PvP or ‘kill stealing’, every player attacking an enemy will get full experience and their own loot drops. You can also revive a dead player by approaching them (default ‘F’), which will give you experience. So never avoid helping someone out!


    11. Dodge Learning

    Observe your enemies’ movements carefully, and learn when and how to dodge their attacks. It may not necessary at first, but in the later game it is your only hope of staying alive.


    12. Combos Learning

    To add special and powerful effects to your skills you can combine a ground effect with other skills. It will become essential in the later game. And if you learn combos early, you can perform a lot of neat tricks. Be sure to check your skill tooltips to see which one combo!


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