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  • How to Choose Professions in Guild Wars 2
    By Cathy Deng2017-04-05 00:00:00

    Guild Wars 2 is more and more popular and attracts many players. Maybe some players want to know how to choose professions in guild wars 2. This article will share you some information of each profession.


    Professions can be broken down into three categories in GW2: Soldiers, Adventurers, and Scholars. Each category wears one specific type of armor, which has an overarching play style. We will introduce each profession according to categories.



    Soldier Professions - Heavy Armor


    Professions: Warrior, Guardian, and Revenant


    If you want to stand toe-to-toe with enemies, soldier professions will be perfect for you. Soldiers are in the thick of battle and they work hard to avoid damage, support allies, and deal the pain.


    • Warrior

    The warrior is an easy profession to begin with and is also very popular in dungeons and other forms of PvE. The warrior can utilize most weapons in gw2. A warrior wears heavy armor and uses an adrenaline mechanic to deal burst damage. Compared with guardians, warriors focus on large infrequent giant hits of damage instead of a constant stream of damage. The warrior can control, support, and damage. For PvP you can choose warriors, if you enjoy a simple and high damage play style. Warriors are also good options for a team support play style.


    • Guardian

    Guardians focus on control and survivability while you aid your allies. The guardian is the mixture of classic healer and fighter. And the guardian can burn foes, get regeneration and block attacks using its virtues. Guardians are masters of support, and they have many tools at their disposal to deal heavy damage. The guardian has superior support skill and it is popular in any team. Therefore if you want to play a support role, the guardian will be a great choice.


    • Revenant

    The Revenant is exclusive to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Revenants can manipulate energy from the Mists to invoke the power of legends from the past. Heavily armored and equipped with the otherworldly powers of the Mists, revenants channel Tyria’s legends to slaughter foes, unleash chaos on the battlefield, and support allies.


    Adventurer Professions - Medium Armor


    Professions: Ranger, Engineer, and Thief


    If you want to wear medium armor and focus on things like bows and firearms, adventurer professions will be good choices. The adventurer profession focuses on close combat and it can use a variety of weapons.


    • Engineer



    The engineer is a versatile profession and it is capable of doing crowd control, buffing allies and doing area damage. Engineers utilize tools and gadgets to give a wide variety of physical damage, condition damage, and engineers also have potential in team support. Engineers have a unique feature called kits. A kit equipped with the engineer can replace all weapon skills. As a mix of support and ranged damage, the engineer is very capable of helping allies and dealing serious damage. The Engineer is a perfect profession for support because it can offer very good healing and can provide lots of conditions and boons.


    • Ranger

    Rangers can create a large variety of traps and they are always with pets which can not only attack enemies, but also provide support. Rangers regard pets as their unique profession mechanics. The ranger focuses on long ranged combat, and it also can be built to melee.


    • Thief

    If you want to kill your opponents fast and get away easily, the thief will be a good choice. Thieves specialize in using stealth to set up high damage bursts. Thieves offer one of the highest burst damage in gw2, at the same time they can be invisible at will. Stealth and traps are the primary abilities for thieves and thieves focus on working in the shadows. If you enjoy high damage bursts, the thief will be the right profession for you.


    Scholar Professions - Light Armor


    Professions: Elementalist, Mesmer, and Necromancer


    Scholars are the magic users, who focus on ranged magical attacks. And they are capable of supporting allies and dealing high damage.


    • Elementalist

    The elementalist is perhaps the closest to the traditional mage or wizard. Elementalists can change four elements (air, earth, fire, water) at will, which gives more versatility for elementalists than any other professions. Elementalists can fit support, control, and DPS roles with ease. The elementalist is the master of area damage and it has great mobility and durability. The elementalist also can heal allies and summon elementals to attack enemies. If you want to play the true caster archetype, the elementalist will be a good choice for you.


    • Mesmer

    If you want to confuse your enemies and let them attack your clones, you can choose mesmers. The mesmer is the master of illusions. Mesmers can confuse their foes and avoid damage by swapping places with clones. The illusions can automatically attack enemies until the destruction of your enemies. Despite being a light armor profession, the mesmer is good at soloing group events.


    • Necromancer



    Necromancers have high survivability and their unique mechanic is Death Shroud which is basically a health pool. Having two big health pools and the ability of draining life from foes gives necromancers great survivability. If you want to play a durable caster which has minions and the option of dealing major damage, the necromancer will be suitable for you.


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