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  • The Best Ways to Make Gold in Guild Wars 2

    By Cathy Deng2017-03-24

    As we all know GW2 Gold is very important, you can use it to buy guild wars 2 Items, Legendary Weapons and Materials. Many players have been looking for some ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2 and some of them think making gw2 gold is difficult. Today, Mmogah will share the best ways to make gold in Guild War 2.


    The Silverwastes



    Completing events in the Silverwastes may be the best method of earning gold in Guild Wars 2. On the one hand, you don’t have to “farm” to make gold. You can participate in events, and rack up gear and materials that can be turned into gold. You can easily get 10 gold an hour with a little practice. On the other hand, you can complete all kinds of events in the Silverwastes even gathering resource nodes when you take a break.


    Moreover, opening Lost Bandit Chests is another great way to make gold after the final event has been completed.



    Running dungeons is considered as a good way to make gw2 gold. There are a total of 25 dungeon paths in Guild Wars 2. And each dungeon path provides a daily gold reward when you have completed it. GW2 Gold of each dungeon path varies from 1 gold 5 silver to 3 gold 55 silver for Arah every day. It’s possible to earn a total of 35 gold by running dungeons every day. If you're running dungeons with a guild or group which is familiar with the path, dungeons can be completed very quickly.



    Here we will share with you some easy and high rewarding dungeons.

    • Ascalon 1-3 (each path 1,76g + 60 Tokens + Other Drops)
    • Sorrows Embrace 1+3 (each path 1,26g + 60 Tokens + Other drops (such as Champion Boxes))
    • Citadel of Flame 1+2 (each Path 1,26g + 60 Tokens + Other Drops)
    • Crucible of Eternity 1-3 (each path 1,26g + 60 Tokens + Other Drops)
    • HotW P1 ( 1.26g + tokens + Other drops) 


    World Bosses



    The World boss is a really great way to make extra guild wars 2 gold. It is almost as profitable as dungeons running which depends on drops. Most bosses are beaten easily. If you want to try a harder boss like Tequatl, you will read map chat and pay attention to the commanders. 


    Resource Nodes

    The prices of basic materials has been increased since the Heart of Thorns “economy” updated. It is possible to make 15 gold an hour by gathering the most valuable resource nodes (iron, platinum, soft wood, etc). And there are several online services to help you gather resource nodes more efficiently. 


    Convert Other Currencies to Gold

    Basically what we do is converting our different currencies like Karma, Laurels, Guild Commendations and etc into Gold. Here's how it works.



    • Laurels

    The best way to convert Laurels into Gold is to go to the Laurel Vendor and buy "Heavy Crafting Bag" for 1 Laurel. You can gain 3 random Tier 6 Materials every time for 1 Laurel.


    • Karma

    You can buy Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes from the Karma Vendors in Orr. And you can buy level 45-60 cloth armor with karma and combine four items in the Mystic Forge. The latter one will give you something you can salvage for Linen Scraps.


    • Skill Points

    There are couple things you can do with Skill Points. Buying Eldritch Scrolls and crafting weapons are very lucrative. And you can try your hand at material promotion, especially with Charged Lodestones and Powerful Blood. But the latter is risky because it based on the price of Crystalline Dust.


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