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Fractured Online Attributes Guide

By Ansley2022-09-23

When players create a Fractured Online character, they need to look deeper into attributes because they can only change their character’s attributes for free once. Besides, if they don’t want to start the journey with the wrong attributes randomly, they should consider them depending on their play style. What are these attributes? Let’s see.


Fractured Online skills can be divided into two main groups - Magic and fighting. And different schools of skills are either primarily or secondarily affected by an attribute.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide Magic and fighting




Strength obviously is the brute force that increases the endurance of your character’s melee damage. It affects the skill schools of Warfare and Martial Arts and further improves your modifiers of Health, Health Regeneration, and Carry Weight. Carry Weight is especially very important since you will find lots of materials on your journey, and the quantity of material will only be limited by the inventory spaces and the weight you can carry.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide strength



Dexterity is quite important for squishy melee fighters and ranger player styles since it affects Assassination, Martial Arts, and Hunting while also increasing your modifiers of Evasion, Attack Speed, Stealth, and Lockpicking.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide Dexterity


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Intelligence improves the skills of basically all magical schools and further improves your Willpower, Mana, and Mana Regeneration. Especially Willpower determines your chances of resisting magical afflictions like Frightened, Confused, Dazed, Feebleminded, Paralyzed, Slowed, Unlucky, Weakened, and Petrified.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide Intelligence



Constitution affects school skills of Warfare and modifiers of Fortitude, Health, and Rest Loss, which means you will not get fatigued in a longer period of fast travels until you need to sit down at a campfire or an inn.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide constitution



Perception affects Hunting, Divination, and Assassination, and it is quite important for melee fighters since it increases your Accuracy, Critical strike chance, and Detection.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide perception



Charisma, which affects a few schools and also Luck and Mana, is an attribute that allows players to tame the most dangerous pets.


Fractured Online Attributes Guide charisma



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