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2. The maximum tradable gold is 100,000 because the maximum in-game stack is 100,000.
3. It would be better If you could give us an item to exchange.

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Fractured Online Gold

The gold coin is the in-game currency used in Fractured Online and is also an item acquired by killing Humanoids.

With gold, players can hold their economic system. Whether they want to craft items or upgrade equipment, gold is indispensable. They can use gold to exchange whatever they want.

If players have enough gold, they have more chances to exchange more benefits by using their player auctions.

And when players want to farm gold, besides killing Humanoids, they can also complete orders on the marketplace because there are a lot of other players who have various requests. When players finish these requests by hunting a rabbit foot or other items, they can get rewards, including gold.

Fractured Online, which is an open-world sandbox MMORPG, is developed by Dynamight Studios and published by Gamigo group. It goes live on September 15, 2022.

This game has unique knowledge and talent system, through which players can have various action combat and improve their ability to gain many benefits.

Three different worlds exist in the game, and each has fully interactable environments with competitive and cooperative gameplay.

Players can build their homes with their individual styles and even expand them to be cities.

We can use Fractured Online gold to exchange everything we like because it is the currency of fractured online.

Building a House
If we want to build a house, we need Fractured Online gold. It will cost 4000 gold to buy a house, and we need to keep up 2000 gold per week with our house’s daily expenses.

Taming a Horse
We may need some materials if we want to ride a horse. Using gold can make us get these materials easily.

Crafting Items
If we want to enhance or customize our weapons, having enough gold in our pockets can lead to more choices. After we check the properties of our crafted weapon, we need to collect items that can enchant properties. These items’ effects depend on the items’ area, so when we have lots of gold, we can select and exchange more effective items with others.

The first way we can get gold is to exchange items with other players who need items. We can get some easy gold this way because we have a much higher probability of getting items than gold.

Humanoid is a general term that includes Goblins, Crawling Horror, etc. When killing some Humanoids, we can have chances to acquire Fractured Online gold. There are some particular Humanoids which we certainly will get gold from, such as Spider Lich, Goblin Cutthroat, Goblin Enforcer, and Goblin Archer. Besides, Crawling Horror is a challenge ranking 6 Humanoid, and players can get a max of 131 gold along with other items after killing it.

And the easiest way to get gold is to choose MmoGah, which is a trustworthy website providing cheap Fractured Online gold for players.


There are three steps:
1. Choose a race to determine which planet to start the journey.
2. Assign Creation Points to your character attributes.
3. Choose the background to get a set of abilities.

1. In Myr and Aethen of Syndesia, many mobs, such as Goblin Warchief and Bandit Crazy Aeromancer, can drop gold.
2. You can gather and sell resources to get gold in the market.
3. Choose a Third Party website like MmoGah to buy gold directly.

1. Choose an item and check how many attributes it has available.
2. Put it into the middle of the Imbuing Table to see what enchantments are available.
3. Collect reagents of the enchantment needed and put these reagents in the empty slots.
4. Click the enchant button.

You can craft or trade with other players to get better weapons. When you have a lot of gold coins, it is easier for you to trade good weapons.

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