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Gravedigger Is Back with Fortnite: Save the World 6.10

By Michel Z2018-10-18

Grave Digger is back and just as orange as ever. The Halloween-themed assault rifle hasn't been available since last year's "Fortnitemares" event, so be sure and catch it. There's also a new gun this week, the Rat King. Though much more boring to look at than the Grave Digger, the Rat King is a semi-auto "slug rifle" that is designed for mid-range combat. It fires powerful rounds at a slow clip, and hits the store at the same time as the Grave Digger. Should you want to get your hands on more Fortnite Weapons, be sure to check the Fortnite items list on MmoGah.



As we have mentioned in the previous article before, 6.10 did indeed introduce per-player power level restrictions for public matches. The full patch notes have a table that breaks down how the new system works, but the main thing to know is that whenever you're trying to play public missions, your party's mission eligibility is now determined by the lowest power level in your group, rather than the highest.


This means that high-level players can no longer bring sweet li'l baby players to public missions that they can't really contribute to -- a practice commonly referred to as "taxiing." This only applies to public missions, however, and if your party is set to Private or Friends Only, you and baby can go do whatever the heck you want. Everybody wins!


A new variant of the Retrieve the Data mission type also arrived, as part of a larger program called Beta Storms. Essentially the Save the World version of Battle Royale's limited-time modes, Beta Storms are Epic's way of testing new mode ideas in a live environment. Beta Storms appear on the map as Mission Alerts and are only temporarily available -- this week's modified Retrieve the Data mission is only available until v6.20 hits, whenever that may be.


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