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Six Advanced Building Tips & Tricks You Need To Learn! - Fortnite Battle Royale

Bmichaellogan May 09th, 2019 Fortnite    Fortnite Items    Fortnite Items Help   

Now, let our MmoGah shows you six advanced building tips and tricks in Fortnie: battle royale, which you should definitely learn and incorporate into your game. These will be much advanced techniques that you’ll need to practice perfectly. The order of the tips will be from simplest to hardest. If you want to know more fortnite news and guides, please pay close attention to our website which will meet your needs and never let you down.




The first trick for you is a maneuver to outsmart your enemies and get a sick angle on them, when you’re dropping down from high ground. Usually, if you’re above someone and he's double ramping to try to get high ground from you. You will floor them and cone your head and then you could edit the cone to get an easy kill. However, because everyone is getting much better at the game, most of you except that instead after coning and flooring them, you can edit the cone and as they sit and wait for the floor editing, you can drop down next to them to build a ramp. And then get an easy shot off and you don’t always have to edit the cone, as it’s faster to drop down next to them and get a shot in. But if you really want to play games with them, it’s definitely something that will fake out from their perspective. They will lose track of you, because they’re still in the level below you and will probably think that you’re just staying on high ground and then you could drop down next to them on either side for an easy kill.


Our next tip is a smart way to utilize the gold turrets that most people think are pretty useless, if you’re up against a good player and manager replacing their wall, they’re more than likely to build a ramp in front of them to protect themselves instead of spraying it relentlessly. You can slap down a turret which will destroy their ramp and prevent them from building. This will catch them off guard and allow you to get a shot off on them before they can react. This works especially well if you’re in a build fight and trap a good opponent, but I have no traps instead of editing down. They’ll more than likely except that now you can rotate the ramp towards yourself, then place the turret on the floor in front of you and get an easy kill. Just be aware you can only put the trap on your own floor or the ground in a building, as long as they haven’t built their own floor by themselves.


Our third trick is a faster way to edit a conan floor if you ever double floor and cone yourself, when you’re trying to push a retake high ground. You’ll often get caught under the cone, because how annoying the conan floor edits are 99% of the time you’re too high up on the cone and can’t hit the blue edit squares. Instead trying editing the floor from the side, start from the closest place and then edit the column from the same spot. If I slow this down, you can see why this is so much easier and more optimal, and your cursor will already be in place to edit the cone after you edit the floor this way.


The fourth on the list is the trick that combines a high ground retake and a quick peek that allows you to get a shot off. Most of you have probably seen scissor jumps which are where you jump around a cone in front of you and catch yourself with a floor on a level above. You can actually make a scissor jump and get a shot off before catching yourself. If you have trouble with this, make sure that once you get the shot off, you look straight down to build a floor to stop yourself from falling off the high ground. This technique is actually really useful when doing the Martos’s 1×1 technique with which you edit a cone and then jump for high ground. Especially, because you know your opponent will be sitting on top of your one by one, you can also use it. If someone is sitting on high ground by the cone or floor. you can jump to the side of it. If you do it quickly enough, your opponent won’t get an shot back off on you and it’ll be taking soft guard that  they get hit by the shock. They won’t react and build up to take high ground. We can take it one step further, if you’re up against a really good player who will except the cone jump and place floors on every side of him. If they do this, then you won’t be able to do the cone jump to the side or in any direction. So instead of doing some convoluted jump like winds around these cones, we can just fill the floor before they edit the floor on the way up and do our cone jump shot combo. This is extremely advanced and will take a lot of practice, but, when you pull it off on an opponent or someone in a creative build fight, he will definitely be left at all.




The four foregoing advanced building tricks are quoted from It’s Jerian’s video, which can provide you the other two tricks. Well, for you players, MmoGah is your best choice to buy fortnite items, including weapons, materials and traps.


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