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A Look at the Details of Fortnite: Save the World 6.10

By Michel Z2018-10-12

The developers at Epic Games are working on a new batch of content for Fortnite: Save the World. With the update 6.10, players will see a return to Canny Valley, and Matchmaking will also be seeing an overhaul. MmoGah provides various Fortnite items for you to explore the new sites in the PvE mode of Fortnite


According to the developers at Epic Games, Save the World 6.10 includes a new story update which will return the game to the locale of Canny Valley in order to learn more of Ray's backstory and return the monster-huntin' team to its roots. There is also a new time-limited mode which will see the team capture and hold a point against a slew of non-stop enemies.

Matchmaking will also be seeing an overhaul. In Public Matches, difficulty will be decided based on an average ranking taken from all team members, rather than just the team's host, which should help players of all abilities work together in the same game to achieve their head-splatting goals.

Voice recording will happen soon, and it is anticipated that the next chapter of Fortnite: Save the World will be released sometime in November. 
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