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  • Best 3 Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
    By Michel Z2019-03-08 00:00:00

    Fortnite traps are one of the core mechanics of the game, used for fort protection. This Rage Brothers’ video is about the best 3 traps with which you can do anything in the game if you have them. Traps can be found in the world, received as rewards, or crafted. However, you can buy all the best three traps and many other Fortnite items easily. Please click Youtuber Rage Brothers’ video for more details on the best 3 traps and how he creates a funnel to kill Husks with the three powerful traps, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:







    1. Ceiling Gas Trap

    The damage output of the gas trap is amazing which makes it the best DPS trap in the game. The gas trap doesn’t suffer any sort of damage reduction from any kind of elemental Husks, i.e. the electrical trap suffers damage reduction from the a Fire Husk because it’s Nature damage. But the gas trap is Physical damage, so it’s doing the same to every single Husk, and it hits really hard. If you are a trapper, this is a trap that you need to have.


    2. Wall Launcher  

    This is one of the best traps in the game, but it’s also probably one of the most underrated traps as well. A Wall launcher can knock the Husks back and keep them going in the infinite loop through the gas trap.


    3. Wooden Floor Spikes

    The Wooden floor spikes can slow the Husks for about 2 tiles. You’ll want to place this floor trap at the front of every trap tunnel. This needs to be the first things the Husks hit when they enter because the floor spikes are going to slow them down and keep them in the tunnel as long as possible.



    While setting up a funnel and using these three traps to kill Husks, you are going to put the gas trap on top, Wooden floor spikes on bottom, then the Wall launcher on the back wall. This is going to force the husks through all the way back to the Wall launcher which knocks them back and keep them running through the gas trap.



    Don’t expect these traps to kill every single Husk. It is going to kill the majority of the Husks that walk through, but it allows a certain number of leakage, then you can kill any of the Husks that comes through. This is going to save you Fortnite materials and allows you to farm the same mission over and over again.



    Those are the best three traps in Fortnite: Save the World, and with these three traps, you can do anything in the game. Should you need any information related to Fortnite items, be sure to check the Fortnite news page on MmoGah. There are top 5 weapons you should have in Fortnite PvE mode as well as some tips and tricks for beginners to get up to speed much faster in the game.





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