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FFXIV Crafting Guide - Basics for Beginners

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Crafting has always been one of the core mechanisms of any MMO, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception. The only difference is that FFXIV goes in-depth, providing many choices and specializations that make the concept even harder to understand.


But you don't have to worry because I have gathered all the basic crafting information for beginners and will explain all details about crafting.




What is FFXIV Crafting

In real life, whenever we create something by combining various materials or stuff, we refer to it as crafting. It is the same with FFXIV, which is you follow the recipe and use your skills to combine materials to make a new item or material. In FFXIV, you can craft many things with just one character, like Food, Gear, Furniture, accessories, and so on.


Crafters can also repair their equipment and even make the durability more than 100%, which is when repairing an item at a high point like 99% durability will increase it to 199%, so you don't have to repair gear frequently.


Different crafting classes can repair different equipment, like Weaver for clothes, Goldsmith for accessories and some weapons, Armorer for heavy gears, etc. You can see the repair requirements on the gear. For repairs, you also need a material called Dark Matter, and high-level gear requires a high-level grade of Dark Matter.


There are eight crafting classes in FFXIV, and they are also called Disciples of the Hand or simply DoH. Each class has its tools and recipes, but for its equipment, one set of gear can use for all crafting classes. If your crafting classes are at the same level range, you only have to change the tools.


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All of the Crafting Classes in FFXIV


Their main work is related to wood, using different types of wooden materials to make weapons, gear, furniture, and more.



Their main work is refining metals and using their skills to make weapons, tools, and more.



Their main work is related to metals, using different metal materials to make weapons, heavy armors, and more.



Their main work is related to fashionable items, using gems and metals to make accessories like necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more.



Their main work is related to hides and using them to make gear, accessories, and more.



Their main work is related to fabrics, using various fibers and materials to make light armors and more.



Their main work is related to potion making, and they can mix various ingredients to make reagents, medicines, and more.



Their main work is food-related, using different ingredients to make meals that buff players who eat them.


Check more Crafting Log on the Loadstone.


Crafting Log


Should I Level up All Crafts in FFXIV

Well, suppose you have time, patience, and a lot of Gil in FFXIV. In that case, you should level up all crafts because they can provide convenience for your gameplay, like repairing your gear anywhere and craft things you need, or sell crafted items on the Market Board (MB) to make more Gil.


If you haven't leveled any crafts yet, it is a good idea to try them. Some players find crafting is fun and enjoy making stuff. Some even say crafting in FFXIV is another new game, making them feel relaxed and chill.


If crafting is not your play style, then there is another way to get to max level with crafting if you want the convenience, which is to buy an FFXIV crafting boost (FFXIV Power Leveling).


How to Get into DoH

First, you have to level your battle class to 10 and finish the job quest, and then you are allowed to start crafting classes and choose one crafting guild to start the quest.


There are three main cities, and you can find different crafting classes in each city.

In Limsa Lominsa, you can find Culinary Guild, Armorer Guild, and Blacksmith Guild.

In Ul'dah, you can find Weaver Guild, Alchemist Guild, and Goldsmith Guild.

In Gridania, you can find Leatherworker Guild and Carpenter Guild.


FFXIV Basic Crafting Essential

Progress: When your progress bar is complete, it means you finished the craft.

Quality: If the number is high enough, it can turn the crafted item into an HQ version. When crafting gear, it is better to make it into an HQ item because it will increase the bonuses and can also sell for a higher price.

Durability: When this turns to zero, the craft fails unless you have used a skill to avoid that.



Craftsmanship: Boosts the power of progress skills.

Control: Boosts the power of quality skills.

CP: Grants access to skills that cost CP.


Crafting in FFXIV can be complex, but once you take step by step to learning and read every ability carefully, you might find it enjoyable. I hope this can help you to make up your mind about crafting. Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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