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Why Do FFXIV Players Like Playing Crafting Classes

By Helen Keller2017-04-27

Crafting classes, also known as Disciples of the Hand, synthesize new and useful items such as armor, weapons, food and potions from basic materials. As we know, crafting is really awesome and nearly half of classes in Final Fantasy XIV are crafters and gatherers (Both easily earn a large number of Money). Why do so many players take up a crafting job? There are four main reasons here, and Mmogah summarizes some points of attention written by caimie tsukino.

All of you want to be able to make your own gear/weapons that benefit your main DoW/DoM classes!

You need to understand that, although HQ (High Quality) crafted gear are better than the free NQ (Normal Quality) ones you get from your main story quests, most crafted gear are not as powerful as those obtained from loot-rolling in dungeons. Almost any green/pink (background color) gear will slightly outmatch a HQ crafted gear of the same level. But since all the loots in dungeons have to be “rolled”, you can’t expect to get everything from dungeons! Therefore, at lower levels, HQ crafted gear becomes a wonderful supplement for items you cannot obtain from dungeons. After your DoW/DoM is level 50, you’ll be buying most of your gear with tomes (Tomes of Poetics) from Mor Dhona. Poetics gear (i120) can be further upgraded to i130 using more Poetics tomes to buy Carbontwine/ Carboncoat, and exchange at the NPC “Drake” who stands right next to Gerolt in North Shroud. Any Poetics gear (i120 or i130) will be stronger than a crafted gear (at most i110 or i115 for level 50) for a level 50. However, collecting tomes can be a very slow process. Thus, crafted gear can speed up the process by a lot, allowing faster increase of average item level (avg ilvl), which in turn allowing you to proceed quicker to higher dungeons and trials. Another cool feature about crafted gear is that they can attach “material” to tweak your stats. But the effort to make those items is enormous. You need to be close to an all-50 crafter, and you need to fully meld the HQ crafted gear with the best materia before you can enjoy the benefit.


You want to make more gil and be rich!

You need to understand that, although crafting can make more gil, it can also drain your gil. It’s like an investment… the more time & gil you put into crafting, the better stats you’ll acquire and the more expensive items you can craft to sell. The investment you need to make at end-game is in the amount of millions, but the gil return is also in the amount of millions. So think about this carefully, because along the way, you could be very poor depending on how much gil you spend on powering your crafting. If you stop investing gil at a point, you will have a very stable income, but your stats & income will stop increasing.

You want to make cute minions & beautiful furniture for your FC house!

You can pretty much ignore the word “HQ” in crafting. For minions & furniture, there is no difference between HQ vs NQ. All you need is just completing the item. However, furniture of the highest level is still quite hard to make if you do not have all crafting classes at level 50. If you’re careless, you can lose a lot of precious crafting materials. It is recommended that you at least have Waste Not (LTW lvl 15), Piece by Piece (ARM lvl 50), Ingenuity II (BSM lvl 50) & Careful Synthesis II (WVR lvl 50).


It seems fun! You think you like it!

Wrong! It’s not “it seems fun”! It is fun! And you will Love it! Why? Because crafting is like puzzle solving. You get a lot of satisfaction when you beat a tough puzzle. It is also solely dependent on just yourself. You don’t need to rely on anyone else in the game. It’s all in you! Furthermore, when you finished crafting an item, your name is imprinted at the bottom of the stats of it. So having a HQ difficult item with your name on can make you feel very proud. You can keep it, you can wear it, you can give it to someone, or you can sell it! The person who wears the gear will forever be seeing your name there, knowing that YOU are the magnificent crafter who made that gear/weapon.


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