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The Feature of FFXIV Personal House in 2.38, the Effect on FFXIV Gil Inflation

John Ryan September 30th, 2014 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

In the recent years, personal house is a big feature in MMORPGs. FFXIV Personal House came out in the past patch 2.38 in the players’ hope. But how it is? As the biggest FFXIV GIL Seller, we Mmogh were fully alive to the dramatical change progress of players’ mood from hope to disappointment.

Before patch 2.38 maintenance, we hadn’t got many FFXIV Gil orders during a few hours maintenance in any patch. That maintenance time was always our customer service agents’ relax time. But this time it was different. We were getting orders one by one and most of them are big orders like 50M-100M ffxiv gil orders from our loyal customers. After the 8 hours maintenance, when the FFXIV servers were open, we were getting more and more orders. In the first open one hour, the order amount we got was a lot more than any past hour in our Final Fantasy XIV Gil and other game currency sale history, and we could realize our customers’ anxious mood to buy their personal house when we were not able to deliver so many orders toghter with an instant delivery as usually. As time went on, order amount was getting normal. About 3 hours after the maintenance, everything went normal as before. About 12 hours later, order amount even changed to less than the normal days.

ffxiv personal house,ffxiv gil,mmogah

According to our experience, if a patch is good, it will attract a large amount of players, our FF14 Gold sale amount will gradually increase in one or two weeks, then get down gradually till next patch. This time everything was so weird and deviant. We could see personal house system in preview attracted so many players, but what caused players to stop buying ff14 gil?

At this time, we logged in game to take a look at the new personal house, then the strange thing happened, we were not able to find where the houses are, all look like FC houses. Then we asked our FC members about the personal house, they told me it was really like this, personal house was mixed in the FC houses. Next we checked FFXIV:ARR forums about personal house, full of complaints about its current feature, without its own ward, no any difference with FC houses, high house prices and so on.

Up to now, I understood the whole thing happened. Players were so excited with the new personal house but were so disappointed with the actual personal house feature.

Now full of complaints about personal house on different ffxiv:arr forums, and many good advice was offered by players, everyone is expecting to good suggestion was added in the next patch 2.4 by SE.

The good feature of personal house will incite players’ interest and in-game economic and will reduce FFXIV Gil inflation, and increase players’ amount, thus the game can go better and better. Let’s look forward to the patch 2.4, we believe Yoshida wouldn’t make us disappoint again. 

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