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Mastering the Art of Carpentry in Final Fantasy XIV: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the vast and intricate world of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), the profession of carpentry stands out as a versatile and essential craft. As a Disciple of the Hand, carpenters have the unique ability to fashion a wide array of wooden items, from simple tools to elaborate furnishings. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the carpentry profession, offering insights into leveling, rotations, and maximizing your potential as a skilled carpenter in Eorzea.


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How to Unlock

To unlock carpenter, you need to have at least one level 10 combat class and complete the main scenario quest "Endwalker". Then, you can visit the carpenter's guild in Gridania and speak with the receptionist to start the first quest. The carpenter's guild is located in the Carline Canopy, the main inn of the city.


Leveling Your Carpenter


Understanding Levequests: Levequests are a primary method for leveling your carpenter. Prioritize the ones that offer the most experience points and rewards. Levequests can be found in the major cities, and you can undertake them every 12 hours.


Crafting Log: Utilize your crafting log efficiently. It provides a structured approach to leveling by gradually introducing you to new recipes as you progress. Completing entries in your crafting log rewards additional experience points.


Class Quests: Regularly complete your Carpenter class quests. These quests not only offer substantial experience points but also introduce you to new abilities and techniques that will enhance your carpentry skills.


Mastering Carpenter Abilities and Rotations

Basic Abilities: Understand your basic crafting abilities. Skills like Basic Synthesis, Basic Touch, and Master's Mend are fundamental to your success. Use them wisely to conserve resources and increase the quality of your crafted items.


Quality vs. Progress: Balance between progressing the craft and increasing item quality. Focus on maximizing quality when crafting high-quality items for better rewards and emphasize progress when mass-producing items for leveling.


Specialist Actions: As you advance, unlock and utilize specialist actions. These abilities cater to specific crafting needs, providing unique advantages. Experiment with them to find the optimal rotation for different crafting scenarios.


Cross-Class Abilities: Consider cross-class abilities from other crafting disciplines. Skills like Hasty Touch from Culinarian and Tricks of the Trade from Alchemist can complement your carpentry abilities, enhancing both quality and efficiency.


Gearing Up Your Carpenter

Tools and Gear: Invest in high-quality tools and gear to boost your crafting stats. Upgrading your primary and secondary tools significantly impacts the success rate and quality of your crafted items.


Materia Melding: Meld materia into your gear to enhance specific attributes. Critical Hit Rate, Craftsmanship, and Control are crucial for carpenters. Experiment with different materia combinations to find the setup that suits your crafting style.


Profitable Ventures: Making Gil as a Carpenter

Market Board Awareness: Stay informed about market trends and demands to make some gil in FFXIV. Regularly check the market board for popular items, and tailor your production to meet these demands. Identify niches where your carpentry skills can shine.


Collectibles: Engage in custom deliveries and gather collectibles for Script rewards. High-quality collectibles can be exchanged for valuable items, including exclusive recipes and materials. This provides both experience points and a potential source of income.


Specialized Crafting: Master the creation of specialty items. Furniture, housing decorations, and unique crafting materials are often sought after. Establish yourself as a skilled carpenter in these niches to attract a consistent customer base.


Continual Learning and Community Engagement

Stay Informed: Keep up with patch notes and updates to stay informed about changes in the crafting system. New recipes and materials are regularly introduced, presenting opportunities for innovation and profit.


Join Crafting Communities: Engage with fellow crafters through in-game chat, forums, or social media. Sharing insights, tips, and information can enhance your understanding of the market and provide valuable strategies for success.



Becoming a master carpenter in FFXIV is a journey filled with creativity, strategy, and dedication. By following this comprehensive guide, you'll not only level your carpenter efficiently but also unlock the potential for substantial profits. Embrace the challenges, experiment with different rotations, and immerse yourself in the vibrant crafting community of Eorzea as you carve your path to carpentry mastery.

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