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Can You Send Gil or items to Alts in Final Fantasy XIV

By Nightmare2022-07-08

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can play all jobs on one character, but some players find that playing more characters suits them better. In this case, transferring Final Fantasy 14 Gil, gear, or materials between characters on the same account can be difficult.


Some players may wonder why to make more characters when you can do everything on one. Well, they have their reasons to do so.




Reasons Why People Make Alts in FFXIV


1. People make alts when they want to know all three starting stories in each city. For this reason, players need to make three characters and choose classes from each city.

2. People make alts to meet more friends. For this reason, players might make two or more characters on different worlds or data centers to make more friends while playing.

3. People make alts when they want to play with their friends in a different data center.

4. People make alts when their kids want to try this game. If your kid wants to try and play this game in their free time, then to save money with CDkeys and the monthly fees, you could let them play on your account but with different characters.

5. People make alts when they want to play different races and don't want to spend money to buy Fantasia.

6. People make alts when they want the 1M FFXIV Gil bonus for making characters on new worlds.

7. People make alts when they want to try out new rolls as a sprout.


There might be more reasons than I have listed. Are you an alt player? What's your reason for doing so?


Make new character


Ways to Transfer Things between Characters on the Same Account

Since you can't directly mail FFXIV Gil or items to your alts because you can only send mail to players that are on your friend list, and you can only add an online friend, you can't add your alt as a friend because they can't be online at the same time.



To transfer things to alts you can use the methods below:

1. Pester a friend. You can trade with a trusted friend on your main character, then log on to your alt to trade with your friend, which is fine if you only have to trade one or two times. However, it gets annoying if you need to give more stuff to your alts a bit more often.

2. Through Market Board (MB).

A: Transfer Gil to your alt. You can sell an item for a high price on the MB using your alt, then use your main to buy it. By using this way, each character will lose 5% of MB fee.

B: Transfer items to your alt. You can put the items on MB for 1 Gil, then quickly log on your alt to buy it. By selling for 1 Gil, you will not lose a 5% fee. You can also sell at regular prices but lose a 5% fee.

3. Through Free Company (FC). Your main and alt have to be in the same FC, and both have the permission to put and take Gil and items.

4. To save all the trouble, you can buy FFXIV Gil with your alt on MmoGah, which is easier and faster than the ways above. Then use the Gil to buy whatever your alt needs.


Market Board


Do you want to make an alt character after reading this? If you already have alts, I hope this can help you. Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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