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Final Fantasy XIV Nominated for Multiple Awards

By Nightmare2022-12-02

Final Fantasy XIV had one of the worst game launches ever. Due to the game's unfinished state during its launch in 2010, the game was heavily criticized and Square Enix soon decided to shut down the game and all of its servers just after 2 years of its release. With Naoki Yoshida's leadership in the development team, Square Enix managed to do the impossible by rebooting the game as FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and completely turned the game around to make it one of the best MMORPGs ever made.


FFXIV Awards and Nominations


The newer direction of the game's story was loved and appreciated by many, even to this day, and the game is still the favorite of many even after 10 years of its launch. The game is still getting plenty of updates with major story updates and content additions and has one of the most alive communities in the gaming world. And this year, multiple game awards noticed this and decided to acknowledge this achievement by nominating FFXIV for multiple award categories across multiple award shows.


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The game has always had a pretty good track record for winning many game awards, even after a decade of its release. And this year is another such year where FFXIV has been nominated for multiple awards across a couple of mainstream game award shows. One such highlight is the recently concluded Golden Joystick Awards, which is considered a staple award show in the industry. Final Fantasy XIV was nominated for multiple awards at the show and even went on to win one. The following are the categories the game was nominated for at the 40th Golden Joystick Awards 2022:


                            • Best Game Community - Winner
                            • Still Playing Award – Nominated
                            • Best Game Expansion – Nominated (Endwalker expansion)

And the next big award show of the year is The Game Awards 2022 and FFXIV managed to sneak into a couple of categories in this show as well. The game was nominated for the categories: Best Ongoing Game and Best Community Support. The event has not concluded yet and players can vote for the game on the Game Awards webpage and make their voices be heard.


Apart from that, FFXIV has already racked up some other minor awards this year including:


    • IGN – Top 10 MMORPGs - #1
    • SXSW – Video Game of the Year / Excellence in Original Score / Excellence in Narrative
    • DICE Awards – Best Role-Playing Game
    • NME – Best Ongoing Game
    • Japan Game Awards 2022 – Games of the Year Division: Award for Excellence

Now it is the time for us fans to go and vote for it to make FFXIV go down the history as one of the most active gaming communities to ever have existed! Click here for more FFXIV news and guides.


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