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Final Fantasy XIV New Content – Early Guide to Island Sanctuary

By Nightmare2022-08-25

For players taking a break from Final Fantasy XIV, it's time to come back because the new patch 6.2 is now alive, including the Island Sanctuary and many other things in this patch. It's time for more explorations!


Many players have been expecting this Island Sanctuary since the company first announced it, and it is finally here.


Island Sanctuary


How to unlock Island Sanctuary

1. To enter Island Sanctuary, players must first complete the MSQ quest "Endwalker."

2. Go to Old Sharlayan (X:11.9 Y:11.0) to talk to Clueless Crier and finish the quest "Seeking Sanctuary."

3. Players can travel to their Island Sanctuary anytime by speaking with Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X:24.9 Y:34.8).

4. You can leave your Island Sanctuary any time by boat (X:9.2 Y:28.3) or via Return and Teleport.


About Island Sanctuary

In the sanctuary, everyone can craft and gather and don't have to unlock Disciples of the Hand or Land. All players can enjoy these activities using any class or job.


The island is not just an island, it has ranks, and you can level your island. The higher your rank, the more features and options will become available. You can earn island experience by engaging in various activities on your island.


Sanctuary Rank


There are two currencies on the island, Seafarer's Cowries (blue currency) and Islander's Cowries (green currency). These are currencies to be used at shops that become available on your island.


On the island, you can grow crops, capture animals, build workshops, gather materials, release minions, and more. Players can release up to 40 minions to roam free in the various areas of your island.


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There is also a time gating on the island. It is a soft way of keeping players from overdoing it and spacing it out because the game type is about small goals and small wins at a slow pace. After all, it is a side-content, and the game doesn't want players to stay on their island and never leave.


One important tip here is do not use your blue currency on gear, minions, or mounts yet. Use them to upgrade things, like the cozy cabin, cropland, pasture, workshop, etc.




How to get Seafarer's Cowrie's Quickly

The first thing is to get as many workshops as possible early and get them running. They are useless if you don't have them running.


The second is to go to the Tactful Taskmaster and start assigning projects as soon as possible. At first, you should set agendas for 4 hours because the materials are easy to obtain and the calories are much faster.


Isleworks Agenda


When you have a Granary, send them out to collect rare materials, specifically Island Spruce Log and Raw Island Garnet, these materials will be used to upgrade workshops.


Visiting Other Islands

Each island has room for up to 16 players to explore at a time. If you want to visit other islands, you can speak with Baldin in lower La Noscea (X:24.9 Y:34.8) after completing the MSQ "The Ultimate Weapon," a Level 50 quest, and you can still visit other islands even if you do not possess your own.


But you can't just visit any island. You can only visit the island of friends, free company members, and party members if the owner enables access for others to visit.


Have fun on your island. Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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