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  • FFXIV: Why Is It Worth Playing?
    By Helen Keller2017-07-10 00:00:00

    As we know, FFXIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs now, especially its Patch 4.0 which has just been online for nearly 3 weeks. Tens of thousands of folks’d love to spend their gil on the game, why is it so hot? Today Mmogah (the No.1 giant ffxiv gil and ffxiv power leveling selling website in google) will show you main reasons why folks have a crush on the game.

    All Classes on One Character

    This is totally different from other MMOs, and most players really love it. They can level all the classes they want to on one character. It’s really fun to experiment with something new and breathe some new life into the game when you’re bored, but also great to return to a class you’re familiar with. It’s just nice knowing that even when gamers get to raiding and end game content that if it ever gets stale, they can go and level an entirely new class and have fun doing it all over again in a different way.


    PvE Content

    Boss fights in FFXIV are stunning and really well, done, and even the ones you fight while progressing the main story. They have a lot of mechanics that are totally different from other MMOs. They’re not pushovers like in WoW, but they’re not too hard either.


    The Story

    To be honest, the story is pretty awesome. It’s been even better with the inclusion of the Heavensward and Stormblood story arcs. It has a strong continuity and the patches add more story quests that help bridge into the next expansion.



    Crafting can be a bit complicated in FFXIV. When crafting an item there is a quality bar and a progress bar. The progress bar you need to fill to craft the object, whereas the quality bar as you fill it up you get a higher chance at making a ‘higher quality’ item. HQ items can be used to get a better chance at crafting an HQ version of a recipe it’s used in OR if it’s a piece of gear it will have higher stats. There are abilities and gear with crafting stats you can use to help ensure you can make it HQ. And there’s also cross-class skills to add more variety and complexity to the crafting process.


    Much like crafting, gathering is a bit more complex. There’s no ‘cross-class’ skills like with crafting but each gathering profession (Mining, Fishing, Botany) has its own abilities to help ensure getting higher quality items or higher quantity. With fishing in particular there are baits, times of day, and weather to account for when catching the fish you want.



    The music in this game is phenomenal, especially the ones used in boss encounters. Here is a metal/rock theme for the Titan boss encounter. Here is something more silly. There’s just a lot of variety in the music and lots of players love it.


    The graphics and animations

    Almost every battle in XIV is extremely flashy and cinematic. In the latest trial, the boss grows into a giant and smashes a giant sword down on top of the tank. The tank has to do a quicktime event while the party burns down the sword. The cinematic nature of the battles makes them feel a lot more epic

    Also, every skill your character uses always has very flashy and crazy looking animations.


    And finally there’s always something to do in the game. They add so much with constant updates, and not all of that is PvP/PvE content. There’s a whole update called the Gold Saucer dedicated to a card game within the game itself, as well as chocobo racing and some other cool attractions. They released this only a few months before Heavensward so people had stuff to do in between content. And it’s actually fun.


    Do you agree with what Mmogah summarizes? If you have something added, please leave your comments.


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