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FFXIV JP Fanfest 2024 – New Job & Race & Zone Coming in Dawntrail

By Penny2024-01-11

The final segment of Final Fantasy XIV's Fan Festival tour concluded in Tokyo over the weekend, providing players with a plethora of details about Dawntrail, the next upcoming expansion in FFXIV. The event showcased a new magical, ranged DPS job – Pictomancer, graphical updates, a new playable race, and a new mysterious area – Solution Nine. Here are the details:


New Job - Pictomancer



Pictomancer is a magic user who casts their spells with a paintbrush and palette, which makes it look artsy. It can create paintings and transform them from imagination to reality to damage enemies. The Pictomancer is inspired by the job of the same name from Final Fantasy VI, where it was used by the character Relm Arrowny. However, the FFXIV version of the Pictomancer has some differences and new features, such as being able to paint landscapes, weapons, and other objects instead of just the enemies. 

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The armor of Pictomancer is light and colorful, and it offers an aesthetic that's vastly different from that of the other casters. It seems like a bright, fun job, which is very similar to how Red Mage was when it was revealed. Also, the spells in the showcase show different color palettes matching different elements.


Below is a YouTube video posted by Mrhappy on his channel that states his overall thoughts on the two new upcoming jobs – Viper and Pictomancer.



New Playable Race - Female Hrothgar



FFXIV is a game that features various races and classes for players to choose from. One of the races is the Hrothgar, a feline-like species that was introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. However, until recently, only male Hrothgar were playable in the game. Many fans have been requesting that female Hrothgar be added as a playable race, and their wish was finally granted in the latest Dawntrail expansion. The female Hrothgar have a distinct appearance and voice from the male Hrothgar, and they can customize their fur, face, and hairstyle.


New Area - Solution Nine

The unveiling of Solution 9, the new player hub city, captivated fans. Solution Nine has a futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetic, contrasting with the rest of Tural's natural and diverse landscapes. The name and origin of Solution Nine are shrouded in mystery, and it may be related to some ancient secrets or calamities that occurred in Etheirys.



Despite lacking a concrete release date, players can expect an introduction to Dawntrail's characters in the upcoming phase of FFXIV's main story quest, set to launch with patch 6.55 on January 16th.

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