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FFXIV New Upcoming Job Viper Explained – Requirement & Weapon & Inspiration

By Penny2023-10-30

The official announcement of the upcoming Dawntrail expansion’s first new job - Viper, would be one of the most exciting news in Final Fantasy XIV’s Fanfest event in London. It is a melee DPS job that uses two swords that can transform into a single two-handed weapon. Here is everything we know so far about this new job.





To unlock the Viper, you need to purchase and download the Dawntrail expansion and have at least one combat class of your choice at level 80 or higher. You do not need any specific class or job to unlock the Viper. The starting quest for the Viper will be in Ul'dah, and it will have its own unique quests and storyline. The Viper's main attribute is Dexterity, and it will use Skillchain Bonus and Meditate as some of its abilities.


Weapon Transformation

The Viper's combat style is based on the concept of "close-ranged fighting passed down by Turali hunters". The Viper uses two one-handed blades that can be combined into a single, two-handed weapon. The Viper alternates between pressuring enemies with swift strikes by their twin blades and dealing mighty blows with their joined weapon. The Viper can also call on the memories of ancient hunters contained within their soul crystal to imbue their body with additional power for a brief time.


The Viper's weapon transformation is triggered by using certain abilities, such as Blade Dance or Blade Storm. When the weapon is transformed, the Viper gains access to different abilities, such as Blade Flurry or Blade Fury. The weapon transformation also affects the Viper's damage output, speed and range. The Viper needs to balance between using their twin blades and their joined weapon to optimize their performance.



The Viper's special buff is called Hunter's Mark, which is indicated by a blue aura around their body. Hunter's Mark increases the Viper's damage output by 10% for 15 seconds and can be activated by using certain abilities, such as Blade Dance or Blade Flurry. Hunter's Mark can be extended by using other abilities, such as Blade Storm or Blade Fury, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. Hunter's Mark also grants the Viper access to their ultimate ability, Blade Finale, which deals massive damage to a single target.


Limit Breaks

The Viper's Limit Breaks are similar to other melee DPS jobs, but they have a unique animation and sound effect. The Viper's Limit Breaks are:


• Braver: Delivers an attack to a single target.


• Blade Dance: Delivers an attack to a single target, dealing 2.2x the damage of Braver.


• TBA: Delivers an attack to a single target, dealing 3.5x the damage of Braver.



Viper is a technically demanding melee job that will appeal to players who enjoy fast-paced and dynamic combat. It is one of the two new jobs that will be introduced in Dawntrail, along with a magic DPS job that will be revealed at the next Fan Fest in Tokyo in January 2024.


Viper does not require any previous knowledge or experience from other games and is a new and original job for the Final Fantasy series, although many people think the inspiration for this weapon came from Zidane Tribal, the main character from Final Fantasy 9. In FF9, this weapon is called a Thief Sword, and Zidane uses it much like how Viper did in the trailer.


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Final Words

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