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  • Both FFXIV and ESO, Which One Do You Like Best?
    By Helen Keller2017-02-15 00:00:00

    Both FFXIV and ESO are two most popular MMORPGs in 2017, which is your favorite one? Mmogah as No.1 ffxiv gil and eso gold selling web, summarizes the difference between of them in the following parts.


    ESO - Engaging quests fully voiced with many meaningful and skyrim-esque storylines. Every class can use every weapon, enabling you to build your own character to some degree. Lots of exploration, most content is very soloable. Decent group content, nothing outstanding, but fun and engaging nonetheless. Combat is essentially skyrim combat with 10 active abilities on an ability bar. Very engaging but not necessarily skill based or twitchy (ie not TERA or BDO). Realistic color scheme, weapons, and armor. Kind of a bland look overall, but more realism/immersion if that’s your thing. No auction house; huge downside as the only way to sell/buy is through guilds which can make the economy side of things a huge pain in the arse. Basic crafting/gathering. Housing added this week. New xpac releasing in June adding 1 new class and new areas. Lastly, if you're going to play the game for more than 3 hours ever, you're going to need the subscription. ESO: if you like Elder scrolls universe, value more ‘actiony’ combat, solo exploration, and want realistic aesthetics.


    FFXIV - Very long main story quest which has decent story, some voice acting but not completely. Some people love the story, others do not; personally, I’ve found it gets much better during the expansion content. Best group PVE I’ve played in any mmo, including dungeons, raids, trials (big monster fights), hunts, etc. The group PVE is my main draw for playing the game, it feels challenging, smooth, and tactical all at once. The community is fairly stellar as most who I’ve run into are a bit older gamers. Many other things to do besides combat in the game- Casino, tabletop board games, full fleshed housing system, healthiest economy I’ve seen, PROFESSIONS. Gathering/crafting are handled as their own separate classes. Each one has a full set of active abilities and passives, almost as many as a normal combat class. It makes professions very engaging and I even know people who consider themselves to ‘main’ fishing while their combat class is a secondary class. Best by far of any profession system I’ve ever seen. Combat is the real draw back for most people as the early game has a 2.5sec gcd. The gcd decreases slightly at higher levels. To balance this, every class has many, many abilities off the gcd which are meant to be weaved in while waiting the 2secs. At around level 30 this translates to most classes being constantly busy using abilities with no more downtime than any other mmo (think WoW). But in the beginning it can feel slow depending on class. Lastly, the game is very bright with many crazy weapons and armors (stark contrast to ESO). New xpac coming in June adding at least 2 new classes and new area, also combat revamp. Subscription required. FFXIV: if you want more group pve focus, professions and economy is important to you, and more flashy aesthetics.


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