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Verification for Certain Orders

John RyanDecember 16th, 2014 8490

If you wish to not provide any verification then please use another Payment method like Western Union, Bitcoin, or Skrill. Details here: https://www.mmogah.com/news_info.asp?id=326 When sending in additional information requested the following Identification may be requested ID + Bill:

What Weapon Suits Rogue Most in FFXIV: ARR?

John RyanDecember 15th, 2014 6235

A game needs to be kept updated in order that its players keep playing, same for FFXIV. There was a big update not so long ago, they have added a new class called Rogue. What weapon suits them the best and why?

Making Gill Per Chance via Mmogah for FF14:ARR

John RyanDecember 12th, 2014 6153

Sometimes one is asked to give a referral to a person or company like I have been today, and with pleasure I have excepted this, for Mmogah is what they say they are. Let’s start from the Live Chat support over the past eight months.

More Payment Methods Available at Mmogah Bitcoins and Others

John RyanDecember 10th, 2014 18753

We are glad to announce that Mmogah.com now accepts Bitcoins for payments. We recommend buying with Bitcoins if you wish to remain anonymous in your purchase or want additional privacy. We do not require any additional verification checks once the transaction is complete.

Cherished Memories about FFXIV---Dodore, Uraeus, Goblin and Buffalo

John RyanDecember 09th, 2014 7365

As an old FFXIV player, I'd like to share some of my screenshots from the good old times. Maybe it'll recall some of your memories back too. Back then, I was in a great Linkshell called Blacksun, they all knew that I am Chinese, but didn't know that I worked at a company which sells FFXIV Gil, not like I could just shout in game "I work at a company which sells FFXIV Gil, it's called

FFXIV Patch 2.45 Coming December 9th, Dragoon Buffs, Ninja Nerf, Stoneskin Ⅱ, Eternal Bond, Zodiac Weapon and More

John RyanDecember 06th, 2014 6333

Patch 2.45 will be released on Dec. 9th that was announced on Final Fantasy XIV official site. According to the Live Letter from Producer XVIII, the content of patch 2.45 will include the 5 main aspects.

Lynn’s Aspiration from One of Customer Service Representatives of Mmogah.com

John RyanDecember 04th, 2014 11010

Hello, everyone. I am one of the customer service representatives of Mmogah.com who usually provides service with name of Angelica in Live Chat and my true name is Lynn who is a helpful girl. I came to this company a few months ago and have done business with a lot of customers who like our site.

A Trustworthy FFXIV GIL and FFXIV Powerleveling Selling Site Mmogah.com

John RyanDecember 01st, 2014 8064

The game FFXIV was a temptation for me long ago, but I didn't have the chance to start playing back then, so when I finally could play, I was way behind everyone else. I tried to catch up by myself, but it didn't work out. Then I bought FFXIV Gil and FFXIV power leveling to speed up.

MMOGAH Accepts Bitcoins

John RyanNovember 30th, 2014 12977

Please note we are in beta testing of accepting Bitcoins. All orders may not be applicable for Bitcoin payment Only use this feature if directed by our customer service to it. All Bitcoin payments recieve a 1% discount off the order total!

Happy Thanksgiving to Mmogah Customers and Everyone

John RyanNovember 28th, 2014 7293

I've been working at Mmogah's company for many years, and have done thousands maybe millions of trades. We have tons of returning customers, and some of them are hard to forget, not because of how big order they place but how they like to do the trades. Some of them have their own spot to trade, when I see their order come through, I know where we need to go in game to meet them, no need to ask "where we meet" in game nor invite to a party.

The First Time I Bought FFXIV Gil from Mmogah

John RyanNovember 27th, 2014 9473

Some experience from a loyal FFXIV GIL customer of MmoGah.com I have played FFXIV for quite a long time, and have bought ffxiv gil from mmogah.com for not once. If you ask me why I want to buy ffxiv gil, then every time the reason is different, now I will say something about the first time I bought ff14 gil from mmogah.

Gear and Play Skill in FFXIV and Other MMO Games

John RyanNovember 24th, 2014 7331

A great game play experience from a mmogah's loyal customer I am a FFXIV veteran, have been playing ffxiv since 1.0. I love the game and have dozens of friends in game. We have spent plenty of pleasant time in game and out of game together. I would like to share my experience with you.

The Reason for Our Two Accounts “mmogah” “happysnow” on Ownedcore.com Got Banned

John RyanNovember 23rd, 2014 13976

Recently there were customers asked why our accounts on Ownedcore.com got banned. We know they were afraid we are scammer or became scammer. We are aware that we should explain to everyone why our two accounts “mmogah” “happysnow” on Ownedcore.com got banned.

Where is the Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil, FF14 Gil

John RyanNovember 22nd, 2014 8241

I hadn’t played FFXIV for a while, and did not checked any of the FFXIV related website, had no idea what was going on for the game until yesterday a friend of mine told me that patch 2.4 was released, they have added a new job/class: Rough/Ninja and how cool the new job is, it relighted my passion for FFXIV.

Regarding FFXIV GIL Orders can not be Instantly Delivered at Mmogah

John RyanNovember 21st, 2014 7360

In the past more than one hour, we Mmogah.com encountered login difficulties about FFXIV game, after we open ffxiv client, it will show this error: A system error has occurred: -2146697211.

Patch 2.41 Notes of Dreams of Ice in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

John RyanNovember 18th, 2014 7542

Patch 2.41 will introduce the first phase of the Echo to the Second Coil of Bahamut, as well as address several known issues. Playable Content 1. Level 30 job quest requirements have been adjusted as follows: Before: Players must reach level 30 with the job’s associated class. After: Players must reach level 30 with the job’s associated class, and have completed the main scenario quest "Sylph-management."

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