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The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding in FFXIV

Nightmare August 04th, 2021 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

Have you attended any in-game weddings before? Or do you even know you can get married in-game? If you haven’t been to any or don’t know it exist, then let me walk you through the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding in Final Fantasy XIV.




Ceremony Service Plans


In order to hold a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, players must submit an application via the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station.


You can choose from one of three plans: standard, gold, and platinum. While the gold and platinum plans will incur a fee, they also include a number of additional options, including venue customization and mounts.


Standard Plan

The entry-level ceremony plan. Includes eternity rings, ceremony attire, a special emote, a special furnishing item, and special hairstyles.


Gold Plan

In addition to the features included in the standard plan, the gold plan offers dyeable ceremony attire, a special ceremony Chocobo, carpeting and flower color options, and additional options for the ceremony's procession and recession.


Platinum Plan

In addition to the features included in the standard and gold plans, the platinum plan offers additional dyeable ceremony attire and additional color options for carpeting and flowers.


For guests, you’ll need an invitation to attend a wedding, which is a scroll with a time and place on it. When the time is up, speak with the NPC outside of the door to get into the waiting room.






The ceremony begins when the groom and bride ring their Eternity Bells, and all the guests will be in a cutscene where shows the pretty chapel and all lovely settings for the wedding.


walk to the front together


Then the big door opens and shows the couple with wedding dresses or suits that they have chosen, and slowly walk to the front together. The bride holds a bouquet in her hands, just like in real-life weddings. It is such a romantic and beautiful scene.



Say Their Vows


The cutscene stops when they walk to the front of Choir Moogle (The wedding is proceeded by Choir Moogle). Then the Moogle starts to talk.


Choir Moogle: Was that not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? It was The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of these, kupo!


Choir Moogle: If anything can top that entrance, it would probably be an emotional exchange of vows, which, as luck would have it, our couple has prepared for us all! You have prepared some, right?


Then the couple can say what they want to say to each other or all of their friends there.

After that, the couple can ring the Eternity Bells to proceed to the next stage of the Bonding Ceremony. If they don’t ring the bell, the ceremony would automatically proceed after a set amount of time has elapsed, which is 10 minutes.



Exchange Rings


summon the ring


Then it is time for them to exchange their rings. The Moogle would say many things and then begin the cutscene. In the cutscene, another Moogle shows up and magically puts two glowing balls on the table, which can change to big rings after putting them on their hands.


exchange rings


Because there are many different races with different heights, so they do the ring exchange in a magic way, which is one character summons a glowing ball to their hand and then makes it fly to the other character’s hand. When the ring lands, it turns into a big diamond ring, and the character looks at the ring and smiles. Then the other character summons the ring and does the same thing. After it’s all done, they show their rings together for everyone to witness it.



Kiss Time


Choir Moogle does her magic to give the couple pretty wings to make them fly in the air, so the characters can line up for the kiss no matter what the height difference is. The development groups are so genius to think of this way to deal with limitations like this. Excellent!




Choir Moogle: I’ll gladly pronounce the two of you bonded for all eternity, kupo!


Then the rest time is free, couples and guests are free to move around in the chapel, and can also take group photographs or throw out fireworks, champagnes, or whatever you have. The limit time is 20 minutes, or till the couples ring their Eternity Bells.



One Last Cutscene


 white chocobo mount


In the last cutscene, the couple walk together to the entry, then the cutscene switches to outside, and you can see the couple are on a two-seated white Chocobo Mount, then they happily walk away. The end of the ceremony.



Wedding Gift


You can get two Minions for attending a wedding, one is called Bridesmoogle, which is a tiny Moogle flies in the air with a basket full of petals, and she throws petals out in the air. The other one is called Demon Box, which is a spriggan holding a heart gemstone hiding under a present box. They are adorable.



Do you have the eagerness to get married in FFXIV now? If you do, then find yourself a partner and get married! And also, read the details carefully before planning your wedding. Whenever you need FFXIV Gil, you can go to MmoGah to buy some and write your legend in Eorzea.

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