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FFXIV Director Shares an Update on Their Alleviating Plans for the World Congestion

By Ansley2021-08-06

Currently, the producer & director of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, has shared an update to all data center players regarding the growing player population and plans to alleviate world congestion.


FFXIV Director Shares an Update on Their Alleviating Plans for the World Congestion content



With a high expectation for the latest pack, there has been a surging interest in playing FFXIV: Endwalker. But many new players' swarming into FFXIV caused a problem of overload. So the capacity limit of the data server must be increased because players don't want to be slow-moving in-game, no matter they are farming FFXIV Gil or batting in PvP, etc.



Players can not log in when congestion happens in a data server unless an already in-game gamer has logged out of the same server. It can not work beyond the data server's caps. One gamer logs out, and then one player can log in. So it seems not friendly to the waiting players because they don't know how long to wait, so it can exhaust their patience, even dampen their expectations of FFXIV.


Automatic Logout

Developers implement an auto-logout feature to combat congestion. If a player's character has been detected idle for an extended period of time, he will be automatically logged out of the game. This ensures the game's stability and avoids overload or crash.


Raising Simultaneous Login Caps

The developers already increase the simultaneous number of NA and EU data centers, but the rising space is limited.


Additional World Servers and Data Centers

The fundamental solving method is to increase world servers and to extend the data centers. So the developers are already in the process of preparing a new Oceania data center.



There are some difficulties to face. Except for approving budgets, securing funding, and purchasing equipment, the COVID-19 pandemic also brings huge obstacles for semiconductor production and global travel as their server infrastructure team needs to physically visit the data center locations.


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FFXIV will not let players down because we believe in the strength of the development team. We are willing to wait for its advance because we are fans of FFXIV.


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