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Which Job Should We Level Up First as an FFXI Returning Player

Penny August 04th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

Are you an FFXI returning player or a new player and have no idea what job to level first since there are various jobs for you to start off in FFXI? Then you are in the right place! We shared some views here for your reference and hope it is helpful.


Which Job Should We Level Up First as an FFXI Returning Player


1. TheNeckBeard

If you have White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Monk, and Warrior to choose from, here is what TheNeckBeard recommended.


First, forget the Mages because you have to buy spells with FF11 Gil for every single one of them.


So compared with Mages, starting off with a Melee job would be better, like Thief, Monk, and Warrior. They don't require spells to use them. And you basically just need to buy weapons, and you don't even need to buy armor.


Monk may not be a good option to start with. Although it is tanky and does have a lot of HP, it's not going to put out the same damage as a Warrior can.


So there leaves Thief and Warrior, which you can both level up. Leveling up Thief can net us a decent amount of Gil, which we need in nearly every aspect of the game. And Warrior is a damage dealer people use all the time at level 99, at endgame. So you can go with Warrior and sub-Thief.


Here is the recommended order: level up a Warrior for your main - level up a Thief - use Thief to make Gil – then level a Mage that you want to level up or unlock another job.


2. From Reddit



Being a returning player with a new account, I find that Warrior is a good job as a first one to 99. It's a job that can DD and tank no problem. It's compatible with most support jobs, and it can be used as a support job itself for anything else one levels.


“I’m a main Warrior, and it’s a great job to be at 99. It’s very op, especially with nageling. I would suggest leveling it and playing it at that level.”



“I suggest thf. It is by far the most versatile job I've played as far as getting stuff done as long as you can get enough job points to equip the su4/5 dagger. With su4 I can solo omen farming in 10-12mins per run, which nets you around 10m/week give or take.”



“I started a new character a while ago, and Red Mage is pretty easy. Most of the spells for it are relatively cheap and/or easy to get. White Mage is generally fairly cheap, but has a few speed bumps here and there. Black Mage is the one I remember being expensive because everything is 6x the cost across the elements.”


What You Feel Interested

“This first job you should take to 99 is the one you like most. Until you’re ready to start conquering content, you should have a job you are interested in to keep you playing the game.”


According to the information above, we can tell that most people prefer to choose Warrior and Thief. But let’s put all of that aside - you can just choose what you like.

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