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5 Most Fun and Exciting Jobs in FFXI

Bosbone July 27th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

The primary job a character chooses to have is called the main job. It also determines whether you lose or gain Experience points. In this article, MMOGAH will provide a short synopsis of the most exciting jobs and their abilities (in no particular order), although it will be tricky because of how situational everything in this game is and the dependency that jobs have on each other.


5 Most Fun and Exciting Jobs in FFXI


In the beginning, you can only select one of the six starting jobs when you initially start your adventure across Vana’diel. However, after reaching level 30 with that job, you will have access to the game's remaining 16 jobs. By finishing the job quest for a particular job, you can gain access to each of the new 16 jobs that will be available. You can find out exactly what quest is required to unlock that specific job by visiting this page.


Scholar (SCH)

Let’s start with Scholar (SCH). The Scholar is a mage in the purest sense of the term. It is a backline caster with significant skills in both white magic and black magic. Its magic power is greater than that of a red mage but at the expense of its physical combat skills. When fighting, scholars use the Grimoire to give them access to more spells, and mastering this aspect of the job is crucial. They also have the special ability to alter the weather around a player so that they and their allies can benefit from their storm spells.  Another spell that is only available to Scholars is Helix spells. Helix spells are DOT spells, and their potency varies depending on the weather and the elemental staves carried. There is a long list of advantages for scholars. The job is adequately self-sufficient; in other words, it doesn't rely too heavily on outside support to properly fulfill its role.


For Scholars, Tabula Rasa is a notable SP ability. It also makes it possible to cast the spells Kaustra and Embrava. When in use, the impact is equivalent to using both Light Arts and Dark Arts simultaneously. However, to activate their respective Stratagems, Light Arts and Dark Arts are still required. All Stratagem charges are immediately refilled after usage. Additionally, all Stratagems can be used charge-free while they are active


Additionally, a Scholar has access to the game's most powerful DOT spells thanks to the Helixes, and a solo Skillchain is also doable with Elemental Magic. It is worth mentioning that in every aspect of the game, having GIL can be very beneficial; therefore, you can visit MMOGAH, a leading store to buy Final Fantasy XI GIL at any time, safe and easy.


Job abilities

      • Level 1 – Tabula Rasa - Optimizes Black and White Magics while providing the user with the benefits of both Light Arts and Dark Arts abilities.
      • Level 10 – Light Arts - White Magic spells' MP costs and casting times are reduced by 10%, while Black Magic spells' MP costs and casting times are increased by 20%.
      • Level 10 – Dark Arts - Black Magic spells' MP costs and casting times are reduced by 10%, while White Magic spells' MP costs and casting times are increased by 20%.
      • Level 35 – Sublimation - converts HP to MP over time.
      • Level 65 – Modus Veritas – Only affects the Helix Spells. When used, their damage is increased, and their duration is halved.
      • Level 75 Merit – Enlightenment - It enables the Scholar, whether in Light Arts or Dark Arts, to cast a spell from either Addendum: Black or Addendum: White as their next spell.
      • Level 76 – Libra – It shows an enemy’s stats and elemental strengths/weaknesses.



Its lack of excellence in one area is the reason why this job is usually skipped. A ninja can tank fairly effectively in Endgame because of how many shadows it receives. Since you may obtain 6-7 shadows every 10 seconds, it will be difficult for a mob to wipe them before you can refresh them. This, however, is mainly referring to Ninja's ability to tank Endgame mobs and hold them while taking little damage. When we add a few challenges that a typical Ninja will face, things will become significantly more challenging.


For example, anything that deals a significant amount of AOE spike damage will be a problem for Ninjas. This applies to AOE spells, as well as abilities that wipe your shadows while dealing damage. Ninjas' defense isn't much greater than that of most melee jobs, and getting hit by one of those will hurt. As a NIN, you can approach this situation in various ways. To return the shadows, you will need to recast the fastest Utsusemi you currently have available. Typically, this involves hitting the macro for recast as soon as you notice your HP bar decreasing. The next strategy a Ninja uses to counter spike damage is by making themselves as durable as possible. This entails stacking on as much Magic Defense Bonus and Magic Evasion Gear as possible while ensuring you are hitting the 50% Damage Reduction Cap. In these circumstances, the Malignance and Kendatsuba sets work very well.


Job Abilities

    • Level 1 – Mijin Gakure- Sacrifices your life to damage the enemy. (Recast 1:00:00)
    • Level 40 – Yonin - Impairs accuracy but heightens enmity and enhances the "ninja tool expertise" effect. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:05:00)
    • Level 40 – Innin – Impairs evasion and reduces enmity. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:05:00)
    • Level 75 – Sange – Ranged accuracy increased by 25. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:01:00)
    • Level 77 – Futae - Spends two ninja tools to give your next elemental ninjutsu a bonus. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:01:00)
    • Level 95 – Issekigan - Increases the chances of parrying and awards an enmity bonus for successful parry attempts. (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:01:00)
    • Level 96 Mikage - Gives a bonus to several main-weapon attacks that vary depending on the number of remaining Utsusemi shadows. (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:00:45)


FFXI jobs


Warrior (WAR)

The two main roles that a Warrior can have in a party are as a blood tank and a melee damage dealer. Warriors' pros are its extremely high strength attributes and relatively high HP. Due to its respectable attack and high rate of double attacks, it can deal incredibly high damage. Warrior is also very adaptable because it can switch between a damage dealer and a tank when needed. They have the largest selection of weapons than any job, but it also has their downsides. One of them is that the Great Axe, which is its greatest weapon, has low weapon skill damage. In all fairness, you can expect higher base weapon skill damage with other DD-type jobs. Another downside is that WAR is not good against magic.


Job abilities

  • Level 1 – Mighty strikes – All melee attacks turn into critical hits (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:00:45)
  • Level 5 – Provoke – Provokes an enemy to attack you. (Recast 0:00:30)
  • Level 15 – Berserk – Weakens defense but enhances attack.(Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:03:00)
  • Level 25 – Defender - Weakens attack but enhances defense. (Recast0:03:00, Duration 0:03:00)
  • Level 35 – Warcry – Attack power increased for your party. (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:00:30)
  • Level 45 – Aggressor – Increases accuracy but impairs evasion. (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:03:00)
  • Level 60 – Retaliation – Enables you to counterattack but reduces movement speed. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:03:00)
  • Level 75 – Warrior’s Charge – Double your next attack. (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:01:00)
  • Level 77 – Restraint - Increases the power of your weapon skill with each normal attack. (Recast 0:10:00, Duration 0:05:00)
  • Level 87 – Blood Rage - Increases the party members' critical hit rate within the area of effect. (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:00:30)
  • Level 96 – Brazen Rush - Boosts your chance to perform a double attack. (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:00:30)


Dancer (DNC)

Dancer is a highly distinctive job for a frontline DPS. It has a good amount of useful features, not quite as many as the blue mage, but still some worth mentioning. Practically every group it is in will benefit from its utility. With their Waltzes, dancers have access to a line of curative abilities. Waltzes use a similar concept to conventional cure spells, except they are bound to drop ability timers and use TP rather than MP.


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Job abilities

  • Level 1 – Trance - Reduces the TP cost of Dances and Steps to 0. (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:01:00)
  • Level 5 – Sambas - These dances give Melee attacks unique upgrades. (Recast 0:01:00, Duration - Varies)
  • Level 15 – Waltzes - These dances cure the target's ailments and remove them (Recast - Varies)
  • Level 20 – Flourishes - Strong dance steps that are only usable after obtaining finishing moves. (Recast – Varies)
  • Level 20 – Steps - These dance steps grant access to finishing moves while enfeebling enemies. (Recast 0:00:05, Duration – Var.)
  • Level 25 – Jigs - These dances enhance your own abilities. (Recast, Duration - Varies)
  • Level 40 – Flourishes II - Strong dance steps that are only usable after obtaining finishing moves. (Recast - Varies)
  • Level 50 – Contradance - When Contradance is active, an increased amount of HP will be restored by the following waltz. (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 0:01:00 )
  • Level 75 – Fan Dance - With each hit, the physical damage reduction slowly decreases. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:05:00)
  • Level 75 – Saber Dance - Increases the rate of double attacks but renders waltzes unusable. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:05:00)
  • Level 75 – No Foot Rise - Instantly adds more finishing moves. (Recast 0:03:00)
  • Level 77 – Presto - Gives you an extra finishing move and enhances the impact of your next step. (Recast 0:00:15, Duration 0:00:30)
  • Level 80 - Flourishes III - Strong dance steps that are only usable after obtaining finishing moves. (Recast - Varies)
  • Level 96 – Grand Pas- Flourishes can be performed without finishing moves. (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:00:30)


Red Mage (RDM)

The last job we will cover is Red mage. The Red Mage has long been a popular job in the Final Fantasy World, and it remains so in Vana'diel as well. Their primary weapon is a sword. They have access to both light and dark magic, and they can enchant that sword to deal even more damage. Red Mages have one of the most diverse skill sets in the game, with the ability to heal, perform physical and magical damage, support, and even tank, all at once. When spells like Blind or Silence need to be repeatedly executed, Red Mages are the preferred jobs because they specialize in enfeebling magic. Red Mages have a few unique spells that, depending on the situation, might also greatly benefit a party.


So, as mentioned above, the fighting style of Red Mage is something worth mentioning. You can go head to head with monsters that you usually don't stand a chance against. If fighting up close, you can progressively weaken a monster's capacity to fight back while whittling it down with a flurry of powerful m-spell strikes. Red mages can switch to a supporting role in the group's backline if a break from the intensity of a high-stakes solo battle is required, as they can heal, enhance and do magic bursting. It's difficult for a red mage to burn out because they can play multiple roles in a group. However, due to their versatility, red mages are one of the best jobs to pick if you intend to spend most of your time "solo" in Vana'diel.


Job abilities

  • Level 1 – Chainspell – Enables rapid spellcasting. (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:01:00)
  • Level 40 – Convert – Swaps current HP with MP (Recast 0:10:00)
  • Level 50 – Composure – Extends recast time and improves accuracy (Recast 0:05:00, Duration 2:00:00)
  • Level 83 – Saboteur - Your next spell will have a greater impact and will last longer if it's enfeeblement magic. (Recast 0:03:00, Duration 0:01:00)
  • Level 95 – Spontaneity - Shortens the casting time of the target's next magic spell. (Recast 0:10:00, Duration 0:01:00)
  • Level 96 – Stymie - Significantly improves the accuracy of the upcoming enfeebling magic spell. (Recast 1:00:00, Duration 0:01:00)

And that would be it. We hope that the information we provided regarding this segment of the game was helpful. Stay tuned for more daily updates on MMOGAH. Have fun!


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