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FFXI Trust Guide: Which Ones Are the Best – for Tank, Healer, and Support

Penny August 26th, 2022 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

Hey, adventurers! Today we will talk about a feature that has been introduced in FFXI for a long while –Trust System. Which trusts are the best for Tank, Healer, and Support?


FFXI Trust Guide Which Ones Are the Best for Tank, Healer, and Support


What is Trust

Trust, also known as Alter Egos, is a type of magic that allows us to summon NPCs to our party to help. Each NPC will support us in battle depending on their role and job class. The statistics and level of these NPCs depend on our character level and the ilvl. They won’t gain experience or level up in the battle. There are currently 119 Trust spells in FFXI to use.


Trust system saves us a ton of time to find people to join our party. If you like to solo or duo, like in the farming of Omen card, summoning suitable trusts at a suitable time would help you a lot. There are eight types of them – Tanks, Melee Fighter, Ranged Fighter, Offensive Caster, Healer, Support, Special, and Unity Concord. In this article, we will only touch on three of the types - Healer, Support, and Tank.





Ark Angels

All of the Ark Angels are typically good for any situation. The EV and HM are both really good tanks.


One thing about EV is that she is not particularly great at keeping hate considering she's a Paladin White Mage, but she will keep herself healed typically better than most other tanks. She also seems to take damage decently and even does a decent bit of damage a little more than other tanks.


Many people may want to use Gessho if they want a blink tank. But the HM is a really good choice that can replace Gessho.  



August is also a nice tank, but there is one thing - he doesn't manage his MP well.



If you're going to use a magic tank, Amchuchu is the best.


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Apururu and Yoran-Oran

A lot of people aren’t also making an argument for Yoran-Oran. He seems to manage his MP a little more than Apururu, as Apururu definitely likes to blow through her MP really fast, but in terms of HP healed per second, Apururu is the best trust. The other thing about Apururu and Yoran-Oran is that they will kind of move out of range. They don't always, but they will move back.



She's a decent healer that you can get early on, and she also moves out of range. One good thing about her is that she can cast regen.



Karaha-Baruha is probably the only trust that will actually cast bar spells. However, he'll only cast it after taking damage from an element. So he's not always useful because you need the element first cast on you. Suppose an enemy is casting multiple different elements. In that case, he could potentially put up the wrong element, so you only really want to use him if you know, for example, your enemy is strictly water-based because that way he'll put bar water up.




This depends on what you need. If you want to have sustain and keep your healers up, then you probably want to use a Red Mage. If you need haste or even accuracy, then use Ulmia or one of the Bards.



It is pretty good if you want a straight support, because he'll toss out Refresh II and Haste II. And he'll put that on all your support if you're a job that needs MP.


King of Hearts

King of Hearts will actually give you haste even if you are Corsair, so depending on your job, you may want to use it. King of Hearts doesn't seem to use as much enhancing magic as Koru-Moru does, but he still will do a decent job. He will also nuke, including nuking with Gospels.


The above are the helpful trusts for Healer, Support, and Tank. If you want to know the best trusts for the other roles, check out Cloudchief’s video for more.


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