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  • FFXI Omen Card Farming Guide
    By Penny2022-08-19 00:00:00

    Today, we will share a card farming guide in FFXI Omen, where players can fight mobs and complete objectives to get various rewards, like job cards, and scales. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


    What Is Omen

    Omen takes place in a secluded area of Reisenjima in FFXI. Players carve a path through various mobs and clear various objectives until they eventually reach the Boss in the heart of the forest. This feature was initially introduced in the December 2016 update.


    FFXI Omen Card Farming Guide


    How to Get in

    To access Omen, you must complete all of the Rhapsody missions.


    Then talk to the Goblin called Incantrix, who you will find near the final ethereal ingress. He will then give you a Mystical canteen, which is the entry item to Omen. He will actually hold up to three of them, and every twenty hours, he will get a new one. So it is possible to stockpile up to four entry items.


    You'll select different paths once you are in. Card farming is one of them. You can also choose to fight the bosses.



    When your party or Alliance is ready, click earthly concrescence, allowing you to enter Omen. It does usually take a few seconds before it allows you to enter.


    Once you've entered, there will be a bunch of mobs, which can be divided into two types - Sweetwater regular mobs and Transcendent mobs. The latter is kind of like NMs, who have a lot more HP. The mobs in here are all aggro.


    Main Objectives 

    To complete floor 1 and 2, the primary objective will be randomly selected from the following:


             Kill a specific monster

             Kill a certain number of Sweetwater regular mobs

             Kill all "Transcended" monsters

             Kill all monsters

             Free floor (very rare)


    After you've completed the objective, you'll notice that white exclamation points will appear over every player's head. Run to the light, click it, and you can go up to the next floor.


    There will be a section where you have a choice of going to the light or the small light. Card farming will be the small light. Choosing “go to the light” option will take you to the boss fighting path.


    light choice


    After going into the 3rd floor, there is a giant circle with a ton of mobs. To get cards, you need to complete objectives. Completing any five objectives will also get you one card.


    Additional Objectives

    Below are the additional objectives, and X means the number of party members, so compared to the large party, it actually can be advantageous to have a smaller party.


    Vanquish X foes.

    Use 2 X abilities on your foes.

    Cast 3 X spells on your foes.

    Execute X skillchains.

    It needs to be consecutive, so you need to do a multi-step skillchain, like a two-step, fragmentation then distortion.

    Perform 3 X magic bursts on your foes.

    Deal 3 X critical hits to your foes.

    Use 3 X elemental weapon skills on your foes.

    Use 3 X physical weapon skills on your foes.

    Use 5 X weapon skills on your foes.

    Reduce your foe's HP by at least 2,000 damage in a single auto-attack.

    Reduce your foe's HP by at least 30,000 using a single weapon skill.

    Reduce your foe's HP by at least 30,000 using a single magic burst.

    Reduce your foe's HP by at least 15,000 using a single magic attack (not Magic Burst).

    Restore at least 500 HP 10 times.




    Do It in a Smaller Group

    Many people choose to do it with Alliances, but sometimes, a smaller and high-quality group of people that focus on the objectives is a little better.


    But if you're going in either solo or duo, you have to be aware that you possibly aren't going to be able to hit all the objectives, for example, if you don’t have the magic damage as you are not one of those types of jobs, then you can’t complete the objective of “Perform 3 X magic bursts on your foes”.


    Suitable Jobs

    A high-end Samurai or Warrior and a high-end Black Mage or Scholar will be good choices, but it is not going to be easy.


    Focus on What You Are Capable Of

    Be sure you know what objectives you're capable of hitting and focus on those objectives. If you get ones that you can't hit, don't worry.



    If you're going in solo, duo, or just a few people, it's definitely a good idea to break your party and summon trust. Make sure you can communicate through linkshell.