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FFXI Paladin Guide – How to Unlock & Level & Things You Need to Know

By zaryab2023-01-10

Final Fantasy 11 is an amazing action-packed MMORPG that revolves around characters, abilities, battles, exploration, and challenges. It takes place in the universe of Vana'diel, which is dynamic and changes during the course of the game. Additionally, you compete against tens of thousands of players from around the globe. There are six basic jobs that you take on to play the game. However, it also features advanced jobs that can be unlocked in the game. One of them is Paladin.


In this guide, we will discuss and learn about the Paladin Advanced job, how to unlock it, some important things to know about this job, leveling, and its benefits.


Let’s begin!


Paladin Advanced Job in FFXI

One of the original six Advanced Jobs, Paladins, also known as PLD, is the opposite of Dark Knight. Similar to Warriors, this profession is focused on close-quarters warfare. Paladins can now cast White Magic spells thanks to countless hours of spiritual training, which increases their usefulness on the battlefield. A fundamental principle of Paladins is that they are the tank. Your teammates are saved by paladins. When compared to other melee classes, Paladins are weaker, great at using the 1H Sword/ Shield combo, have access to a variety of White Mages for self-healing, and, most crucially, keep Hate.




Important Things to Know About Paladin

Paladin is also known as Heavenly Knight of the Vana’diel. Paladins battle for the greater good and think they can expel evil from the land by following Altana. The strength of a paladin comes from his convictions. They are extremely useful for endgame; however, here are some of the aspects that you need to know before choosing Paladins.


Paladin job is considered one of the overall best tanking specs in the whole FFXI game.


Paladin is more capable of keeping Hate than any other job in the game.


The equipment you will use plays a vital role in this job.


Of all the jobs in Final Fantasy 11, Paladin has the highest base Physical Defense rating and the most Physical Defense Traits.


Paladin is one of the safest choices for breaking into content.


Paladins are particularly capable of diverting the monster's attention away from the other front-line and back-line players by maintaining high levels of Enmity.


Warrior and Blue Mage are the two primary sub jobs for a Paladin, with Dark Knight and Rune Fencer also powerful when combined with Paladin.


Paladin performs amazingly as a main job but is not a good sub job. All Paladin will do is add defense which is not the real reason you would sub this.


Unlocking Paladin (Level 30 Required)

You need to do three quests for Balasiel in order to become a Paladin. Around level 10, Balasiel will start giving you quests; however, you cannot change your character's job to Paladin until the third quest has been accomplished.


Quest 1

You just need a revival root for the first task, which is rather straightforward. It is available as a rare drop from the undead. To obtain this item, attempt to combat undead dogs. Try purchasing from the auction house if everything else fails. After that, trade the item with Balasiel.


Quest 2

The second quest will lead you to Ordelles Cave. At G-7, there is a pool you must touch. Find a "???" mark and touch the water. Then, touch a second "???" that is nearby, and you will find the object. Trade this item with Balasiel like before.


Quest 3

The last quest entails deciphering a number of puzzles from old books of knightly knowledge. There is a Disused Well in the Davoi region. A Davoi Mush may be found close to the well. Look in the well for a Knight's Soul. Balasiel will transform you into a knight and grant you a key item, the Kite Shield, when you bring the object back to him. Now is the time for you to gain Paladin status.


Leveling Up With Paladin


Level 1-10

All of the jobs in FFXI's first levels are boring, challenging, exhausting, and all-around a pain in the back. However, Paladin performs in these levels just like a Warrior with the ability of self-heal without the aid of a support job. It is recommended to buy a Wax Sword +1 and a Marine Shield if you can. These two ought to keep you going until at least Level 9. Lv. 5 shouldn't be difficult to reach with the mentioned weapon. You will get Banish at level 7 when you're in a party that is utilizing Skillchain: Transfixion or Fusion, and you want to magically blast it. However, utilizing it at the beginning of a fight will make things simpler for you if you come across an undead.


Level 10-20

You can solo the worms and reach Lv. 16 with ease. With Paladin, even the challenges that are seen as being difficult will be simple. Therefore, killing those can assist you in leveling up quickly if for some reason, you are having trouble finding a party. If you haven't already, you learn how to tank while you're in Valkurm. Warrior will undoubtedly be your substitute throughout these stages as well. It helps to use the greatest defense equipment available. Whenever you can, heal yourself. It provides you with hate in addition to helping out mages. Shield Bash is available once you reach level 15. It's a highly helpful technique that does very little damage, might stun the victim, and provokes rage. If you lose against someone who can't handle it, consider it another Provoke. It works best when used to stop an enemy from using a special attack or healing oneself. By Lv.17, you also receive Cure II, which you will find amazing.


Level 20-40

These mid-levels in FFXI will be challenging in terms of parties. Hate control remains challenging until around Level 30, but you'll get through it. You acquire the incredibly cool job attribute known as Shield Mastery at level 25. If the shield is used when casting, it will provide the user with an interruption-free spell. You gain the Sentinel job ability at level 30. This is a really good job ability that you may use once per few fights, and that gets you a lot of hate while also giving you significant physical paling. You also acquire Cure III at level 30, which will significantly aid in controlling your hostility. You get Flash, one of your two most effective non-Cure spells, at level 37. These stages are simple to complete if you sub job with a thief who is using SATA on you.


Level 40-60

These levels are also simple. At level 50, you also gain the second of Shield Mastery's three tiers, along with Raise. You obtain Holy at level 55. It is not recommended to use Holy at parties, it's purely a decorative thing. Even with your above-average skill level in Divine magic, it costs 100 MP and does almost no harm. You must start completing your limit-breaking missions at level 50 and continue doing so every five levels all the way to the end. You also receive some of the simpler coffers to obtain in the game. Due to how close together all the coffer spawns are, even Castle Zvahl is simple. Utilize a map at all times.


Level 60-75

You will be equipped with your artifact gear in these levels and will be the envy of all other tanks in terms of damage taken and hostility. Of course, it will greatly improve all-party conditions since the need for cures will decrease due to receiving less damage and boosts to everything else. When you reach level 61, you unlock the Reprisal spell. Retribution is fantastic since it increases the activation of your major A+ talent, Shield. Your final non-merit job ability, Rampart, becomes available at level 62. Rampart provides a significant defensive boost for the entire party as well as a magic shield, which prevents any spell-related damage or debilitation for the duration of its effect.


Level 75-Endgame

In endgame situations, paladins are useful tanks. In larger-scale battles, the Paladin is frequently seen tanking creatures with strong protection and evasion instead of actually engaging in combat. Atonement is the Mythic Weapon Skill that is unique to the Paladin job. This is a very strong and high-enmity ability that allows Paladins to concentrate on their defensive gear without actually needing enmity equipment to maintain hate.


Benefits of Paladin

Paladin is useful for soloing because it only adds relatively small cures. Additionally, it gains the Auto-Refresh, High Shield Skill, and Shield Mastery traits, making it most beneficial for Blue Mage later in the game who wishes to the Tank. Keep in mind that the Paladin has a tonne of skills for gaining and maintaining enmity, including Flash and Sentinel, both of which are excellent for tanking, making it an ideal tank in the game.



Paladin is much more than just a damage dealer. When combined with Warrior, they can do wonders at parties. Hope this guide helps you in getting knowledge about Paladin that you may not already know if you are new to this game.

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