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FFXI Job Guide - White Mage

By Danikhan2022-12-12

White Mage is an essential asset of the party. The job of a white mage isn't just to heal; being a White Mage could be the most challenging job in FFXI. Some players might find it easy, but it will surely not be easy for beginners. If you choose to be the white Mage, the party's survival will depend more on you than anyone else.


Keeping that in mind, you will have to perform an excellent job; otherwise, if you die, your team will join you sooner or later. Moreover, The Protectra and Shellra spell, the Curaga series of spells, Cure V, Regen III, Raise III, all the erasing spells, and Bar-element area effect spells are exclusively available to White Mage characters in the game.


So, remember that being a White Mage could be the most hectic job in FFXI. If you still want to be a White Mage, then keep reading until the end, as in this guide, we will tell you how to become a good White Mage.





White Mage can remove status aliments, use group buff spells, use group cure spells, and use benediction to save lives.


Goals of White Mage

White Mage is a healer, so the main focus of this character is to keep everyone safe, and with this job, you will be able to accumulate as much experience as possible in the shortest time. You won’t be able just to do it; the goal of your party should be this.


The last thing you would need to do is not die. It seems simple, but it isn't. If a White Mage dies, no one will be left to heal the parties. If you die, your party will also join you in a matter of time, so make sure to keep yourself and everyone alive.


Choose a Nation

You should not stay in only one city. There might not be many advantages, but to obtain a Justice Badge in Windurst, which is +3 MND and can be obtained for free, you must complete an easy task. Getting this badge early on will save you a few thousand Gil. Although the ring you receive in Windurst is excellent, you'll soon desire two Saintly Rings (+2 MND each), so don't base your decision on that.


Choose a Race

The best way to maximize the effectiveness is to make the White Mage your primary class. You should choose Tarutaru, Mithra, Hume, Elvaan, or Galka, as this will help you a lot if you are a beginner.



Two types of weapons can be used by White Mages clubs and staves. Although, at first, you will get an onion rod. There are two types of club weapons, the first type, known as a wand, provides low damage, but they boost spell-casting attributes. Yew Wand or Eremite’s Wand are examples of the wand. The weapons with significant damage and melee-rated stats are Decurion's Hammer or Royal Squire's Mace.


Staves are the same. There are poles oriented to melee damage and staves, which improve the spell-casting of the White Mage. When a White Mage reaches level 51, the Elemental Staves are the best tools to use in non-combat scenarios. For instance, the Light Staff boosts Cure Potency by 10%, while the Dark Staff raises MP Recovered While Healing by 10 MP every tick.



Most types of fabric armor, such as cloaks, robes, and doublets, can be worn by White Mages. The same goes for armor as it does for weapons. White Mages are best off looking for equipment that enhances their support skills, which include MP, Mind, Vitality, Cure Potency, Healing Magic skill, and Enhancing Magic talent. Equipment with higher Evasion and lower Enmity is also preferred since it increases survival.


The Noble's Tunic Set, which boosts Cure Potency and gives Auto Refresh, and the Blessed Briault Set, which increases Haste, lessens hostility, and enhances bar spells, are two examples of the most excellent support roles armor that White Mages have exclusive access to.


Learn to Work with a Party Along with the Efficient Use of MP

As said before, most of the parties will have one main goal: getting loads of experience as soon as possible. But they would need an effective White Mage to achieve that, so if you want to be a White Mage and help your party achieve that, you must keep certain things in mind.


It would help if you did not focus on your teammates always having full HP. The best approach is to wait until their health bar reaches yellow. Otherwise, your MP will deplete quickly, and you won’t be able to rest.


The next step you need to take is Enbeefing spells, which will save your MP. If there isn’t a spell for you to cast, then don’t cast any spell. What you should do at that moment is rest. You should also never starve yourself. Choose any food from the morsels. The best approach is to buy pies, which are the least expensive and will increase your maximum MP.


Lastly, keep track of how effective your healing spells are. For instance, Cure II is a highly ineffective spell you can employ after you have it. By then, your ordinary Cure spell, which heals around 30 HP each cast at the cost of 8 MP.



Being a White Mage can be complicated in FFXI, but with this guide, you can learn how to be a better White Mage. However, the guide won’t help you unless you try to improve. You will have to practice more and learn everything about white mages. That way, you will be able to perform well, and you won’t disappoint your party.

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