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  • FFXI Farming Guide - Increase the Dynamis Currency Yields
    By Penny2022-09-09 00:00:00

    This guide will show you some good ways to farm Dynamis currency. Using these tips introduced by Resetti, you can get an average of at least 500 currency per run as a beginner. Without further ado, let’s go.


    What Is Dynamis?

    Dynamis is a series of zones set in an alternate universe version of Vana'diel, which is the source of Relic ArmorRelic Weapons, and many other items required to upgrade them to the final stage.


    FFXI Farming Guide - Increase the Dynamis Currency Yields





    Thief is a good job to do the Dynamis farming, and it must be leveled to 99 with dancer sub. Make sure to put at least one job point into Mug and one job point into Despoil, which gives an additional two proc abilities that were not there before.


    Treasure Hunter Set and Enough Inventory Space

    A treasure hunter set is also needed to maximize the amount of currency that drops. Besides, having an open inventory is also so important. Make sure you have the inventory space of at least 50 slots, as Dynamis can drop a lot of gear. Besides, enough space will let you focus on farming more.


    Trust NPCs

    The addition of trust NPCs has made Dynamis farming more reasonable and fun. They can actually help you proc, so picking the right trusts is vital to increasing the currency yields. Uka Totlihn, Mayakov and Mumor trusts are good setups you can use for farming. You'll also want a couple of White Mage trusts, preferably ones that own attack.


    Macro Set

    Another aspect of making your farm successful is preparing a macro set that is tailored to the farm. The damage-taken set should be used for gathering a few mobs at once. And you may want to add a form of movement speed gear in your damage-taken set.


    Proc macros are your bread and butter of the farm. With sub-jobs unlocked, the primary job ability you would use to proc will be Box Step. You'll also have four more job abilities to use that you will alternate with Box Step. The shortest ability after Box Step is Violent Flourish, with a 20-second recast, followed by Bully with a three-minute timer, Mug and Despoil, with a five-minute timer. If you alternate correctly, all abilities are available. You'll have eleven procs that you can do in a row, so as an example of a really stubborn enemy, you'll use Box Step, Violent Flourish, Box Step, Bully, Box Step, Mug, Box Step, Despoil, Box Step, Violent Flourish, Box Step. A good tip about the proc macros is to put a treasure hunter set in each one of them. By doing this, you'll be killing two birds with one stone and will see a significant amount of more currency from that macro alone.


    Once you've done proc, you'll want to defeat the enemy quickly with a weapon skill macro. After all, the run is about defeating the mobs as fast as possible, so your speed will determine the amount of currency you obtain.


    You'll need the next set, the sneak, the invisible, and the flee macros for quick travel around the map and sneaking by any enemies. Put movement speed gear in your sneak and invisible macro.


    The next macro to make is a trust NPC summon macro for when you enter Dynamis. This macro is very helpful and will optimize your time for more currency farming.



    First, you'll enter one of the Hieroglyphics and pick the sub-jobs unlocked selection. As soon as you enter, you're going to use your NPC trust macro to summon your trust and then quickly “sneak” and “invisible”.


    Then find the time extensions. Getting all five time extensions is required in order to proc the mobs. Use wide scan to your advantage to search for each one of the time extensions. There are four 10-minute time extensions and one 20-minute time extension. The 10-minute time extensions will be in each lower-level beastmen group. And the 20-minute time extension will float around high-level beastmen camps, so you need to kind of go out of your way to find the 20-minute time extension. But as you do it more and more, it'll get easier and easier to find.


    The next thing is to find your camps, which will constantly be changing. The time of the day determines what enemies you will proc for job abilities. For example, if you're farming in Dynamis for Buburimu, you'll be fighting Nightmare Crawlers, Ravens, and Uragnites from midnight to 8 a.m. Vana’diel time.


    The last thing you'll do is to pull between two and ten enemies based on your damage taken set and experience. Just line them up on a wall and start procing. Once you proc the enemy, you want to immediately defeat it. But sometimes, you won't see the proc animation, so pay attention to each specific enemy you're fighting. If they're terrorized, then you most likely conquered. At this point, you will see your inventories start to be stacked with currency.


    Going into Dynamis with sub-jobs locked is by far the best way to farm for Ancient currency. In this way, you have a chance of cracking a special white proc that guarantees a 100-piece currency to drop from the enemy. But there is a small drawback as the percentage for procing white is about a 1% chance, but the reward is worth the effort.


    There are two things that you'll need for farming with sub-jobs locked in Dynamis. The first is experience and the second is the three dancer trust NPCs. Uka Totlihn, Mayakov, Mumor are required for white proc farming. Even though you have to rely on the trust NPCs to proc for you, Bully, Mug and Despoil are still available to you on Thief main.