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    It might be challenging for new FFXI players to fit in if their preferred playing style is a little more aggressive. When starting out, many people don't enjoy playing as healers or other support characters. The article aims to provide a guide for everything needed to become a DPS, including what roles to take on, what weapons to use, and how to proceed.


    Essentially, this guide is written to clarify your options. Instead of giving you specific instructions on how to accomplish particular tasks in the game, our objective is to make it easier to digest the overwhelming amount of content in front of you so you can make informed choices. This way, you can fully enjoy Final Fantasy XI while maintaining complete control over your gameplay!


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    DPS in Final Fantasy XI

    In Final Fantasy XI, DPS, or damage per second, governs a large portion of the action. Everyone in the group tries to do as much damage as possible. Even non-DPS roles like tanks and healers have plenty of damage-dealing potential. Therefore, you should already be familiar with some fundamentals, such as upgrading your gear for higher stats and more DPS. This article focuses more on assisting you in comprehending the mechanics of the game and utilizing that knowledge to your benefit.


    Damage per Second can be considered an equation for estimating the effectiveness of weapons or jobs over time compared to enemies. Since it ignores hidden effects, stats, and latent abilities, this is not an absolute predictor of any firearms or class’s effectiveness. Hence, while your opponent is alive, it is a constant threat to you, and understanding how DPS works can go a long way in improving your in-game experience and decision-making ability.


    The objective of any form of content, whether it is dungeons, trials, or Alliance raids, is to eliminate the monsters assaulting you before they manage to kill you first. The greatest way to do it is to cause as much damage as possible as rapidly as possible. All of this takes place between the approach of avoiding opponent mechanics, escaping perilous floor marks, and overall avoiding battle fatalities.


    General Guidelines for Improving DPS

    Selecting a job that you enjoy over one that may appear more beneficial is essential. In a profession you enjoy as opposed to something else, you are virtually always going to deal with more significant and more consistent Damage Per Second. You can test out these jobs by playing them in-game if you unlock them.


    Perhaps you prefer ranged physical DPS to melee DPS, or vice versa. If you prefer delivering the greatest damage, you'll go for the best jobs capable of doing this. Samurai and Warriors typically are excellent choices for good DDs. In addition, because of the way it feels, you could enjoy Dark Knights even if you're not really into other jobs. The main thing is to choose a role you like, then stay with it, and enjoy the experience.


    Your attributes and weapon skills all aid in your damage output. But you'll be left in the dark if you don't know what these abilities do and how to use them. It would help if you studied your tooltips in order to comprehend your role and when to push your buttons. When you hover the mouse or controller cursor over an individual skill, your tooltips display detailed descriptions of what the skill accomplishes. Check out your characteristics and your role behavior as well.


    You should make sure to follow your combos for the majority of the jobs even though you know which weapon talents to use and when mistakes might still happen. During a boss battle, you could suddenly lose focus, or you might need to sidestep something immediately to avoid dying. It's smarter to click the incorrect button during your combination and inflict less damage than to do nothing and do no harm.   As long as you're going forward and continuing to learn, it's OK to forgive yourself for errors.


    Get into the habit of using your ranged weapon skills to attack from a distance if you're a tank or melee DPS. When you re-engage the adversary up close, continue your combinations from there. The particular difficulty is that melee DPS and tanks must reduce this as much as they can. Casters, healers, and physically ranged DPS are unaffected by it.


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    Additionally, you should try to stay alive as long as possible. You incur a weakness penalty when you die, which among other things, lowers the damage inflicted. You receive a twofold weakness state after dying a second time with weakness, which lowers your DPS even more. If you don't get out of the way of an assault in time, you could even sustain a damage-decreasing condition even if you don't get killed. After a few seconds, these afflictions usually subside. They aren't even close to being as horrible as the persistent weakness caused by passing away. In addition, a dead player is only a burden on the team who does no damage.


    While it is true that your group will include one or more healers, it is their duty to keep you alive and care for you in the event of your death. However, it's also your duty to avoid adding unnecessary complexity to the healer's workload. Nobody wants to continuously be the one who stands in the path of bursting damage, dies, and then screams at the healer for something they could have handled themselves. Everyone in the group is responsible for looking for their own survival. This entails avoiding unnecessary injury or, in some cases, using self-healing skills. Even the most forgiving healers will usually get annoyed with you if you are a bother and stand where you want, where you want.


    Jobs (DD/DPS)

    Learning all of the occupations and party positions in the game might be overwhelming. This section aims to clarify each job's functions, which roles are better for maximum damage, and what to anticipate when performing those occupations.


    When we talk about High Damage Dealers, as the name suggests, they are the big guns. They frequently employ two-handed weapons and strong armor. They may be surprisingly resilient, but other than sheer damage and the odd perk, they don't provide much in the way of group support.


    Samurai: SAM is an expert at skill chains and can solo many by employing numerous weapon talents simultaneously. Effective for tactically targeting down bosses since it can provide massive bursts of damage. The only class that can utilize polearms and bows in addition to great katanas.


    Dark Knight: Although DRK possesses some of the game's top damage-dealing weapon skills, it doesn't have much more to offer. However, it can even do black magic and use scythes and great swords.


    Dragoon: With a pet wyvern added in, this combination of DRK and SAM offers high weapon skill damage and can solo skill chains with ease.


    Warrior: The traditional heavy DD, WAR, is adaptable in that it can use a wide variety of weaponry, can serve as a tank when necessary, and is good in practically any circumstance when physical harm is required. Warriors nearly often employ a variety of weapons but prefer Great Axes.


    Every job has many positive aspects, but a DD approach goes beyond simply charging in and doing as much damage as you can while hoping the support can keep up. It can be effective in some circumstances, but the long-term effects also factor into causing damage. If you pass away from the beginning, it is worthless. Dragoons have a little edge with the right timing and haste settings. With the right enemy - gear and Super Jump, they may escape danger and deliver greater damage over time. The majority of DDs, SAMs, RNGs, and Mage types assume that DRKs, SAMs, and RNGs can all do this.


    If you want to live longer and be less of a burden, ace yourself when delivering damage.


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