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FFXI Tank Guide – General Guidelines & Best Job and Trust Options

By Danikhan2022-10-04

Tanks in FFXI are used as a generic term for any profession that is utilized for the explicit goal of garnering the interest of any monster throughout the course of a battle. This is so that other parties or alliance members can deal damage or perform vital support duties without the continual fear of turning the monster's attention towards weaker players.


They are typically expected to lead the way as players move through dungeons. They all have the largest HP pools in the game and are excellent at holding enmity. They are also likely to deactivate specific boss casts in higher-end content. Whether this is your first MMO experience or you're transitioning to this role as a damage dealer or healer. It's your turn to stand in the front lines of every dungeon, trial, and raid, taking the biggest hits and relying on your fellow healers to save you. This guide will go in-depth talking about the roles, jobs, trusts etcetera.


ffxi tank guide


Tank Jobs

A tank in FFXI is essentially the party's shield because of its high health and defensive prowess. Capable of holding an enemy's attention and absorbing the majority of strikes from the opposition. Although, many DD jobs can Tank, usually Warriors or Ninjas, who are the most common among players.



The fierce warriors with great axes are one of the ideal jobs for beginners to start their FFXI journey. They are also helpful for veteran players with experience in other roles who wish to try their hand at tanking. Warriors have access to some of the most potent self-regeneration tools available to tanks, such as Thrill of Battle, which raises their health and restores the same amount. They also have Nascent Flash, which enables them to take in the form of health any damage given to them and then use that amount to restore an ally. They also have a rotation that is not overly complicated—because of this, learning how to play as a Warrior is relatively simple compared to other tanking occupations.



Paladins are a staple of MMORPG games and are the only other tank accessible at level 1. In Final Fantasy XI, they have everything that could be desired. They are equipped with a wide variety of support talents, such as Cover, which allows them to shield teammates from the damage intended for another party member.


Moreover, because of their invulnerability skill, Hallowed Ground, they are entirely immune to any damage that may be dealt to them for a set period. Their cycle, which consists of both a close-quarters phase that deals physical damage and a long-range phase that deals magical damage, gives them great versatility in higher-level confrontations.


In addition, they get access to Passage of Arms, easily the most impressive-looking ability in the game. They are pretty user-friendly and simple to understand for newcomers. However, their static rotation will require careful adjustment to maximize their effectiveness in the end game.



The Ninja is a fighter known for his speed and dexterity. A Ninja's agility allows him to hold two weapons simultaneously, giving them an advantage in combat. They practice the technique of Ninjitsu, which enables them to turn even the tiniest blows into lethal strikes. Furthermore, they capitalize on their quickness to inflict maximum damage upon their foes before the adversary can launch a counterattack.


All of the above Jobs can be good Tanks. Although there are circumstances in which one may have an advantage over the other, the decision should ultimately be dependent on your individual tastes in terms of playstyle and aesthetics. Warrior and Paladin are certainly at the top of the list when it comes to how easy it is to play their classes, followed by Ninja and then Dancer. Again, the difference between them isn't that great, but hopefully, this sheds some light on how you should proceed.


Tank Trusts

Trust is a form of magic that enables us to call on other NPCs from Vana’ diel to assist our party. Trust is also known as Alter Egos. Their job class and role determine the manner in which each NPC assists us in combat. The statistics and levels of these NPCs change based on the ilvl and our character's level in the game. During the fight, they will not acquire experience or level up at all. At this time, Final Fantasy XI provides players access to 119 different Trust spells.


When you summon these NPCs, you can utilize their abilities to level up or participate in content emphasizing combat. This will increase the scope of your exploration as each Trust NPC plays a specific role within the party. They will act in a manner befitting that role as they assist you.


Arc Angels

In Final Fantasy 11, you can summon the strong trusts known as Ark Angels to aid in battle. They come in five different varieties: the Ark Angels HM, TT, MR, EV, and GK. You will need to complete the final objective of the Chains of Promathia storyline, Dawn, at some point during the process of acquiring these Ark Angels. Dawn is the capstone of the story.


 In addition, you need to have consistent access to the sky and be at least ranked 6 in one of the cities. If they desire a blink tank, many people are likely to use Gessho. However, the HM is an excellent alternative that can also be used in other situations.



When you first start playing FFXI or come back after a long break, Valaineral is an excellent tank trust to use. Valaineral is a sword and board PLD/WAR like any other. He will Flash, Provoke, use Sentinel, and help Cure. He doesn't do as much damage as some other trusts, but he'll still help with his weapon skills.


Valaineral is accessible year-round through the Records of Eminence or an Alter Ego Extravaganza, which takes place multiple times a year.



When Runefencer shines at higher levels, Amchuchu is one trust that can be very helpful.  He will act a little more aggressively, using his Warrior sub-job skills, and he can also grant the entire party Inspiration a strong Fast Cast buff. Amchuchu is excellent if you want a more aggressive end-game tank trust. Amchuchu is typically available anytime an Alter Ego Extravaganza is taking place.


General Guidelines for Tanks

Even though the jobs and trusts described above can be helpful for tanking, the most important thing is to be familiar with the fights in advance. It is recommended that before entering a dungeon, trial, or raid, you have some idea of what you might face there. This contains the trash mobs you will encounter on your path to the boss and the exact attacks and mechanisms that the monster will utilize against you.


Controlling your enemies on the battlefield relies heavily on positioning yourself strategically. When it comes time to kill your enemies, you must correctly place them in order to do it, regardless of whether you are using a ranged or normal pull.


When you have the right positioning, you should direct the enemy's attention onto yourself and away from the rest of the party so that they may maintain a level of safety in the back. This is done so enemies and bosses direct their primary assaults in a particular direction according to their current position in the game.


You have to ensure that they are consistently facing the same way at all times for the other party members to know where to move to avoid specific attacks. As an illustration, particular bosses have frontal cone attacks known as cleaves that hit every party member directly in front of them. To fulfill your role as a tank, you should try to be the only player standing in front of the boss.


In dungeons, you should try to pull as much as you and the healer can manage. Because the area of effect (AoE) attacks impart their full power to all of the foes they affect, the more enemies you pull, the more damage your party will inflict.

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